...my child sold your honor student the answers to the test...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Era of Blogging

One thing ultimately sucks about having 3 kids is the fact that I have so many ideas on what to blog about and not enough time to actually sit and type them all out. Often times I would find myself driving down the road or hanging out at a playground when I have a great idea for a blog going to my mind like crazy, and wish I had the ability to post it then and there. Just watching my kids, thinking in my head all of the things I want to write about. Then I lose my focus as I have to chase one kid or another away from the parking lot. By the time I get home, have the kids all settled, and actually have a moment to sit down and write what I wanted to, I would be too fucking tired to even contemplate typing. And yet another blog would be lost.

However as time passes by, there are more advances in technology And after the fat man visited us this past christmas, I received an amazing gift. I received a new smartphone from my family.  A smartphone where I can do voice activation. A smartphone with the blog application where I can sit here talking, and it will post what I say. Granted it's not perfect, and I'll have to go back and fix some of the mistakes it makes. But now my friends, I have no excuse not to write blogs. Well there is one excuse. I still can't talk and blog while the kids are running around screeching like heathens at a pagan festival. I still need some semblance of quiet in order to talk/blog.

But like life, nothing is perfect. So I'll work with this is best as I can. A new era of a blogging has arrived my friends, and I shall embrace it with open arms. I can get back into the swing of things regaling you with stories of my children, the amount of alcohol I consume on a daily basis to keep sane,  keep you up to date on how many new gray hairs I get as my children drive me batty.

So happy holidays to all, and thank you fam for my awesome new voice activated smartphone. Rock on