...my child sold your honor student the answers to the test...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weight & Workouts

Struggling with my weight over the past few years, I have been trying a lot of different types of workouts that may help both tone me up and slim me down. While I am not one of those moms who heads to the gym on a daily basis, looking sexy in that cute tank top and slim fitting yoga pants, I do try to incorporate a work out routine in the comfort of my own home.

Over the past year, I have been working with an endocrinologist to figure out why it is that I simply can not lose weight. The current theory is that I am glucose intolerant. In laymen's terms, this means that, while normal peoples bodies break down carbs and use it for energy, my body does not recognize the glucose (broken down carbs) and it stays in the body, creating fat. I'm now on a special diet that vastly reduces carb intake. While I miss eating bread whenever, or cookies, or cake, I've grown used to it. I also got myself back on ADHD medication for myself, which helps reduce hunger.

With that on the table, even with my meds, a special diet, and working out, I am still not losing weight. But I am also not GAINING, which is an improvement. Still, it royally sucks to know that with everything combined, if I were a normal person, I'd have that hot little ass, tight abs, and thighs that could crunch a soda can with ease.

So J and I decided to switch things up a bit in the workout routine. He found a set that interested him called the Spartacus workout. Supposedly this is what actors use for six weeks before they appear on screen buff. It is a crazy little weight lifting routine that anyone can do in their home with ease. When I say with ease, I mean that it's easy to get what you need to do it. Ease in actually doing it is another story. I'm pretty tough and active, and this kicked my ass!

However, I will say that after three weeks of crying through it, both of us have noticed drastic changes in our bodies. I still have not lost weight, but I'm firming up. I even have indents where my calf muscles are!!!! If you want to check it out you can find the work out here. We do this work out three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The other work out we started up was Yoga. When we first moved here, I tried out a Yoga class and loved it. However, it was a pain in the ass to get to a class when you had kids in tow. So I stopped. I've always thought about asking J to try it with me but with his lack of balance I always assumed it would be the one type of workout that he would not take to. However, since I joined him in Spartacus, he was kind enough to try out Yoga with me.

I hate doing the same thing every time, so we went through youtube to find some beginners videos. I also purchased an app that had whole sessions on it. After one practice, I was hooked! Two days after we started, I found myself popping on a twenty minute video here and there, not realizing that at the end of the day I had done over two hours of Yoga. The after effects hit me the following morning where it took me a long time to get the hell out of bed, moving stiffly as though I were made of wood. Of course, a little bit of Yoga helped stretch me out!

So now we have something to do every day, and we're really enjoying working out together instead of finding ourselves doing our own thing. In three weeks I have lost a couple pounds, but more importantly, a few inches here and there throughout my body, and my muscles are really beginning to define. I was so excited I even went out and bought myself a yoga mat and gloves. With a phone app I can toss on the morning for a five minute sun salutation, and either the Spartacus work out or Yoga in the evening, I'm feeling better about myself despite the frustration of my obstinate physical body.

Maybe one of these years I can actually try a bikini for the first time...

Friday, July 26, 2013

The No Good, Very Bad Day

Each of us has had those days where, no matter how you try to change it, it still ends up awful. Kids are no different. Sometimes even they can have really bad days. Soren had one of those this week.

Ever since Soren hit his fourth birthday, we seem to be dealing with a regression on behavior and tantrums. Why? No fucking clue. Nothing has changed except how many fingers he holds up when someone asks how old he is. But something clicked in his miniature human brain that tells him to throw out of control screaming and crying fits over the smallest thing.

It's driving me batty.

We parental units have been consistent in calming him down and reminding him to use his words, not his volume. Once calmed down he nods his little head in understanding and says that he will. And he does....for ten minutes.... on a good day.

But today the shit just hit the fan, and while it is only 12pm as I write this, I am seriously debating on whether or not to just put him to bed until tomorrow. It may save both of our sanity.

This morning I had a play date set up with two of my mom friends and their kids. Soren has grown up with these kids since he was born, and they are all great friends. We see each other usually once a week if not more. All the kids get along fantastically, and there are rarely any issues. Oh sure, there will be a scuffle here and there over the ownership of some random toy, or tattles if someone isn't taking turns. But usually they work it out with a little bit of help from one of us moms.

I don't know what was any different today, if anything really was. We had a decent morning with no issues. There was no foreshadowing of the epic disaster that followed. Soren was excited that his friends were coming over. And when his friends arrived and trooped up the stairs, Soren was there with a big smile on his face to greet them. All of the kids headed to the toys while we moms hung around the kitchen table in full view, drinking coffee and catching up.

Five minutes later there was this ear piercing scream and wailing coming form Soren. I ran over to him, thinking that he was dying. I grabbed him, held him close and asked what was wrong. He hit his ear on the "Stupid recliner". I checked his ear (it was fine), gave him hugs, kisses, and cuddles, and let him know that there were no cuts, bruises, or blood, and that he would survive.

Well he was having NONE of that!!! Oh no! He was DYING! And he needed his BLANKET! And I had to go get it. And I said, no hon, you can get it. And he flipped out.

Stood there in the middle of the room and screamed bloody murder. I just looked at him until he ran out of breath, and before he could ramp up again I nudged him to the stairs. He went, begrudgingly.

Once all was calm and the kids were happy again, the moms turned back to their coffee. We had about two minutes before the screaming began again...from Soren, of course.

This time it was because he decided that today was "Soren's Day", and that meant that he had first choice of all toys, including the ones his friends brought over. Naturally, his friends took issue with this. I would have too. So I told him that he could share and take turns, but that his friends brought those toys. He also had to share his toys. Soren declared "NO! IT IS SOREN'S DAY!!!! I GET TO CHOOSE!"

And screaming commenced when I pulled the mom is boss card.

Next he started a full out fit because his friends were playing with his toys. The ones he was not playing with.

Then,  while all of the kids were playing nerf swords, he threw his sword ( he says accidentally) it smacked one of his friends in the face, causing his friend to cry. Which caused Soren to start screaming and crying. And wouldn't stop screaming and crying even after apologizing and his friend forgave him. And so, after roughly 90 minutes of non stop meltdowns, I just sent him to his room for a break to calm down. He stomped up the stairs screeching and gnashing his teeth, and continued this tirade long after his banishment.

I joke often about drinking during the day, but today was one of those days that I was seriously eyeing the vodka bottle on my kitchen counter and wondering how good it would go with my coffee.

My friends kids wanted to know what was wrong with Soren. So I sat down and asked them if they ever had one of those days, where nothing seems to go right, and it feels like a very bad day. They nodded their little heads sagely, and told me of some of their bad days. I nodded and said that like them, Soren was just having one of those no good, very bad days. And that everyone has them, even people in Australia. They understood, and as they left, they hoped that Sorens day would get better.

Me too, kids. Me too.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Battle of the Bedtime

It is after nine at night as I begin to write this. I am sitting here on my recliner with ears intently tuned to the upper floor, where my boys are *supposed* to be sleeping. But they seem to have other plans.

The townhouse we have lived in for the past three years has four bedrooms. One is on the bottom floor and is used as J's office since he works from home. The other three are on the third floor. Ashe and Soren share a room together. Most nights getting them to bed is simple. Soren goes up an hour earlier, and by the time Ashe heads to bed, his little brother is passed out to the world. But on nights where the bed time gets wonky, we sometimes deal with repercussions of two boys sharing a room.

Tonight is one of those nights.

This evening we had a meet the teacher event at Xavier's school. The whole family went, thinking it would be one of those events where you wait to say hello to the teachers then take off. We got there early with the mindset of getting home in time for bedtimes. Oops. Instead, it was a walk through of my oldest sons class schedule, and we sat down for presentations of each class. Half way through, the younger boys were bored out of their minds, so J took them out for ice cream while he waited for Xavier and I to finish.

We didn't get home until eight, way past Soren's regular bedtime, and close to Ashe's. I gave them a few minutes to unwind, then we did our bedtime routine. As I kissed them goodnight I admonished them to behave and go to sleep...no playing!

"Yes, Mommy", they replied.

I headed downstairs, grabbed my laptop and started catching up on email.

(giggle giggle *thump thump* giggle)
I roll my eyes and raise my voice to be heard on the third floor. "BOYS! GET TO BED!"


(*thump thump* giggle giggle)


(*thump thump CRASH* little whispers of "SHHHHHH Mommy will hear us!!")

Sadly, I eye my laptop with longing, put it down, and quietly, so as not to give them any warning, I tiptoe up the stairs and into their room. Soren is in Ashe's bed, and the moment he catches sight of my shadow he leaps up and sails across the room into his own. I swear that boy's feet never touched the ground he was moving so fast.

I glared at both kids, Ashe with his eyes shut so tight I thought he would burst a blood vessel, trying to make me believe that he is already asleep, and Soren, wide eyed, watching me warily the way a cat watches a strange dog.

"Boys, it is late. You have got to get to sleep. I'm serious. Stay in bed and no more playing. Am I clear?!"
"Yes Mommy" they say.
I look back and forth between the two of them for a moment, making sure that they understand that I am serious, and then I head back downstairs. I pick up my laptop and wait for the inevitable.
(giggle giggle *thump thump* giggle shhhh)

Rolling my eyes and sending silent scathing curses to the ceiling, I tiptoe up the stairs, this time with my laptop in hand, and enter the room. The moment I round the corner both boys fly out of the closet (which is their play fort), leap into the air, and land on their respective beds faster than an Olympic sprinter could even dream of achieving. Despite my annoyance, I was impressed, and began to wonder if I should begin training them for 2020.

We look at one another, boys wide eyed, waiting to see what I will do. I, trying to stare both of them down at the same time, which is only a feat a parental unit can accomplish. I win as the boys lower their heads in shame, either from the fact that they disobeyed, or from the fact that I caught them red handed. Most likely the latter.

"I am not kidding around tonight" I say in a low voice that makes them both lean forward to hear me and lean back into their pillows, knowing that the low voice is a voice to fear. "You two will lie down, and stay in your beds. I do not want to hear another word from you. Now get to sleep!" I glare as the boys scurry under their covers, and close their eyes tight. Sighing, I sit down on the floor by their door, open up my lap top, and prepare to play warden for awhile.

All was quiet as I surfed the web. Over time, the squeaks and shuffles of the twin beds settled, and I thought after a good twenty minutes, that they had finally fallen into a peaceful slumber. Being tired of a long day myself, I heaved a sigh of thanks to the ceiling again, and slowly, silently, made my way downstairs. I sat back into my recliner, closed my eyes, and reflected on the day.

(*thump thump thump* giggle giggle SHHHHHH *thump*)

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me!!!

Racing up the stairs I find Ashe and Soren jumping from one bed to the other, whispering and laughing as quietly as they possibly can. They didn't even hear my footsteps, this time I was not even bothering to be quiet, they were too intent on their fun.

As soon as they spot me I swear I heard a muttered "oh shit". Oh shit is right you little heathens. You want to play bed time battle? It is on!

"SOREN INTO BED NOW! ASHE, INTO MY BED NOW! If you can not get to sleep in the same room then I will separate you!"
"No Mommy, no! We'll behave, we promise!"
"You had your chance! Ashe, into my bed right this instant!"

Soren begins to sob as he realizes his partner in crime is now off to do time in another cell and he will be all alone. Ashe, taking on his role as martyr, stoically picks up his blankie, and slowly walks into my bedroom, head held high. It is the ultimate punishment for bedtime battles and he has realized that General Mom has won this particular round.

And yet.....

At this point in time I am exhausted, both physically and mentally. All I want to do is to have my kids in bed and asleep so that I can enjoy just a little bit of free time before I have to start it all over again. I make my way down the stairs, look around the living room, and glance lovingly at the recliner I have been rudely interrupted from for the past hour. I sink into its delicious comfort, snuggle into my spot, kick up the ottoman, and sigh.

And then I shit you not, the next thing I hear is (thump thump thump thump thump). Back and forth, back and forth, across the upstairs hall.

Despite my aggravation I am beyond curious as to who is idiotic enough to still try to escape my hearing, and risk the wrath of mom. And for what?! What could possibly be so damn important to risk it all?

Slowly, I creep up the stairs, keeping low to the ground. I take no chances of having my shadow show before I do. I tread lightly on the stairs, knowing the squeaky spots of each board, and gliding silently passed. The thumping continues, pitter pattering of little feet, racing to accomplish some goal before the end of the world as they know it. But what?

I turn the corner, slouched down like the Grinch on Christmas Eve and peer before me. The hallway is clear, and I am about to rise up when Soren dashes out of his room, racing pell mell for my darkened bedroom, arms filled to capacity with stuffed animals galore. He is bringing his banned brother contraband goods to keep him company at night.

I pop up just as he races by, to where he leaps three feet straight up into the air with a squeak! If his eyes could have gotten any bigger, I swear they would have fallen right out of his head. The moment his feet land back onto the ground he begins to wail, great heaving sobs of despair. Because he knows that he has lost.

Without breaking his song of sorrow, Soren slowly trudges back to bed on his own, gets under the covers, and turns his face to the wall.

It's now ten and I have not heard from them since. I think I won the war, but I doff my hat to Ashe and Soren. It was a hard won battle and they were very worthy opponents. And it took almost all of my parental will power to not laugh out loud at some of their outrageous antics this evening.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quiet Time

Now that the two older boys have started up school, I have been trying to get Soren and I into some sort of routine for the passing hours. And while I have tried to instill a time for Soren to rest, it has only been this year that I stumbled across the perfect way to get Soren to nap. He stopped napping the moment he turned two, and over the past two years, every time I tried to get him to lie down, it has been met with fierce resistance. This causes him to either get grumpier the later it gets, creating a maelstrom of attitude and tantrums in the later day, or for him to pass out once in a blue moon, comatose until dinner. I hate when this happens because it means that he won't sleep at bed time.

But I have finally found the combination that works for both of us. And let me tell you, oddly enough, we both look forward to this part of the day.

With Xavier arriving home much earlier than before, Soren and I have less time in the day to go out and do things. This actually makes things easier for the both of us, as we can fit stuff in without getting bored, or having too much time to waste in front of the tv while I try to get things done. So now, every morning after carpool, Soren and I go out. We go to the library once a week, hit the playground when the weather allows, go kayaking, hiking, head over to G-rents and swim, or just run a few errands with the promise of a treat.

Once we get home, we pick a crafty thing to do: paint together, color, draw, play dough. We have fun sitting at the table, making our own crazy creations. Then we have lunch together. And after lunch we have Quiet Time.

For Soren, Quiet Time is the only time during the day that he gets a chance to watch something on tv. He picks a show or movie, grabs his Angry Birds blanket, a few stuffed animals, and cuddles up on the couch. My three rules for Quiet time are: no food, he must lie down, and we try to keep as quiet as possible. I'll sit down on the recliner beside him and use that time to blog, read emails, or surf the web. And so far, most of the time, Soren falls asleep within 30 minutes. If he doesn't we keep it going for 90 minutes, but it's only been once a week that he has stayed awake.

He's usually still napping when Xavier arrives home, giving me time to help with homework or talk about my oldest son's day without interruption. By the time Soren does wake up, he's refreshed, happy, and didn't sleep so late that it affects bed time.

Sometimes you find yourself fighting tooth and nail to find a quiet moment in the middle of the day. And sometimes, if you're really lucky, you find a technique that works for a child. Trust me when I say that I have tried this before and it did not work for Xavier or Ashe. But for Soren and I, this scheduled Quiet Time is working to both of us.

Soren after 20 minutes into Quiet Time this week.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Today is Xavier's first big test in middle school, and I am more nervous than he is. It's not that I don't think he is ready for it. It's a science test on all that he has learned in the past two weeks, and we worked very hard to prepare him. Yesterday, I made a score of flash cards and we prepped for hours, until I felt confident that he was confident. Soren even helped, by offering himself as a prop to show the sequence of "The Steps of the Scientific Method". While I lay down on the floor, Soren jumped on my back giggling and the three of us practiced the order:

"I have a problem (#1 Purpose): Soren is on my back, and I want him off.
For (#2 Research) I have the floor I am lying on.
My (#3 Hypothesis) is that if I roll to the side, he will fall off.
I shall now proceed (#4 Procedure) to roll...(rolls and Soren laughing hysterically, falls off.)
The (#5 Results) are that Soren is now on the floor and not on my back.
My (#6 Conclusion) is that if I roll to the side, Soren will fall off.
However, it is important to (#7 Repeat the Process) to ensure that I have a lot of data."

We did this over and over again, until both Soren and I felt dizzy, we were all laughing, and it was pounded into Xavier's head.

My concern is not that Xavier does not know the content that he will be tested on. It's actually more because of how the grading works in his school. When I was in high school, it was very straight forward in grades:

100 - 90 = A
89 - 80 = B
79 - 70 = C
69 - 60 = D
59 and lower = F

The all went by ten points. I don't know if the new grading style I am seeing is nation wide, or just our own little area, but the grading is tougher. Instead of the ten point system, it's a six point system:

A = 94-100
B = 85-93
C = 77-84
D = 70-76
F = 70 and lower

Last week, Xavier had a quiz. Unfortunately he mixed two answers up and his score was an 84. But because of the system, it was graded as a C. As someone who grew up with thinking that an 84 was a solid B, it was disconcerting to see it as a C. If I were a kid, I would have been very happy with an 84. And as a mom, I think an 84 is great! I have always firmly believed, and tell my kids non stop, that I don't care what grade they get in school so long as I know that they studied and tried their hardest. So when I saw the number grade next to the letter grade for his quiz, I told him that I thought an 84 was great and I was proud of him.

Here is where I get nervous though. Middle school was tough enough to get through when I was under the ten point system. So to be on a six point system in middle school when kids are working on tougher material gives those kids less of a chance to feel that they are doing ok. There are a lot of other parents out there who look at the letter grade and that is all that matters to them. Putting more pressure on a kid who is already in a tough transition academically, socially, and hormonally seems counter productive to creating a person who feels both invested in their school as well as confident enough to continue working hard to attain their goals.

Xavier is a smart cookie. He is in AG classes. And he knows that I don't care if he bombs a test, or gets a C on his report card. But I worry that HE will start to feel the pressure when comparing to other kids if he does not get an 85 or higher on every test. And I don't want that for him. I want him knowing deep down in his heart of hearts, that really, a letter does not represent his intelligence.

While I worry silently, I will continue to do my best to instill this in my son, and my other sons when they too, start middle school. It's all that I can do as a mom: to keep them on track, help them study, and be their biggest cheerleader when I know that they have honestly done the best that they can do. And I hope that this will be enough to ensure that they are willing to do the work, and are confident in themselves as they continue their education as well as life in general.

Monday, July 15, 2013

In The Groove

We have completed the first week of school and I am happy to announce that, despite my initial worries, the family as acclimated seamlessly into our new schedule.

My biggest concern was how the boys would react to their new staggering school schedules. However, aside from the tiny glitch that my afternoons are now shot for making plans, this has actually become a huge advantage for the boys. Most of the boys, anyways. Soren turns into a monster when he realizes that he no longer has my captivated attention.

Xavier now gets home around 2:30 in the afternoon, a good 90 minutes before Ashe. We're able to sit at the table and discuss how his day went, and I don't have to split my attention three ways so I can help him prepare for, or answers questions on his homework. Because of this, and the fact that it is quieter with two boys than three, he's been able to get his homework done in a reasonable time, with plenty of time after to relax.

Soren is the only wrench to this. He morphs into a jealous kid who all of a sudden decides he needs my undivided attention the moment his oldest brother comes home, despite the fact that he will happily ignore me for the majority of the day if I allowed it. He needs a glass of water. He needs me to help him get stickers. He needs me to color with him RIGHT NOW, even if he thought coloring was boring earlier in the day when I pulled out paper and crayons. I'm forever hopeful that this will dissipate in the next few weeks as he comes to recognize our new schedule. And if not, there is always that bottle of whiskey nearby I can discreetly sip from.

Ashe gets home by 4:15 and as of yet, he has n homework. This will change soon, but for now, we have time to chill at the table while he tells me about his day. I think that all of us appreciate the fact that each child gets complete individual attention from mom at the end of the day. I'm feeling more connected to the boys and feel like they are opening up more knowing that I am able to really listen for a time.

Both boys have made some new friends at school. Ashe brought home a phone number for his new BFF. Xavier is starting to make friends that he sits with during lunch. I think the only snafus we have encountered was when Xavier's gym locker went missing, and because he is still too shy to undress in front of the other boys (as I hear all of the boys are) he was late to class one day, waiting for his turn in the gym stall to change.

In regards to transportation, I did have to get Xavier's bus stop changed. His original bus stop was only a half mile from our house, but at his drop off, there is a known sex offender who lives there. he was the only kid at his stop, and I guess his bus drives by our house anyways, so I contacted the transportation service, and the next day he was dropped off on our street. Our transportation may suck sometimes when it comes to divvying up the kids and getting them home at a reasonable time, but I give them props for changing stops quickly when there is a good reason.

Other than that I really have nothing to report, although I wish I did. My boys have been so well behaved that they are giving me no fodder to blog about. It's kind of scary, actually. I wonder if I should be keeping an ear out for a shoe to drop. At least I know that with three boys in the household, it can't always stay this steady ha!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Too Cheap

With a family of five, sometimes we have to compromise what we want for what we need, or can afford. One of those compromises long ago was purchasing a (ugh) minivan that did not have automatic doors.

I really regret that decision.

It's not that I am lazy. I am, actually, but that's beside the point. My main gripe is something I never even thought to foresee when we chose our current ride of transportation. I never thought about carpooling.

Every weekday I drive the kids to school. It allows us extra time in the morning to chill, while not having to worry about waiting outside for 15+ minutes waiting for a bus that is always late. In the area we live, it's almost like this rule that you have to be a parent, and own a minivan. Every day on the road is it's own minivan convention. And when parents drop off their precious snowflakes at school, 90% of said minivans have automatic doors.

Now, for the most part, I am happy to be one of the remaining 10% that actually has to juggle three kids, bags of groceries, while simultaneously opening the door to the minivan. But what drives me crazy is that EVERY SINGLE MORNING, when I drive up the school doors, the car pool assistants stand there looking at me, while I look at them, in a stalemate, until light finally dawns on their heads that I am one of the 10% with a door they have to open.

It's not their fault. I don't blame them. Each morning we laugh (they in embarrassment, me hiding my annoyance) and I always joke that I am too cheap to have automatic doors. They always laugh.

But you know what? I think it's time to stop this occurring situation that starts a bottleneck of stalled cars, waiting for someone to open my damn minivan doors. I have two choices: I can either purchase a new minivan. Or I can make a sticker for my windows that says "I'm too cheap for automatic doors."

I think it's time to look into café press.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to School

Somehow I deleted my awesome post about the kids going back to school. So not enough coffee this morning, ugh!

Yesterday was the boys first day of school. My kids go to a year round school, so their calendar is very different from the majority of the country. We love it, and I wish that this option was available when I was a kid. But I digress.

While every first day of school is special in its own way, yesterday was even more so. Xavier was starting the dreaded middle school and Ashe was going to school without a brother to watch his back. Soren has one more year stuck with me.

One of the cool things about this years schedule is that the boys start  and finish school on different time schedules. This means that the boys each have their own time in the morning to get ready and also have their own time working on their homework without fighting for my attention. Xavier now starts school at 7:15 and gets home a little before three. Ashe still gets home around four. The only drawback now is that my afternoons are shot to hell for play dates for Soren.

Until now, on school days I had the wonderful opportunity to sleep in until 8am, where I would then roll out of bed, chug coffee, and drive the boys to school. J was sweet enough to offer to drive in Xavier at 7 while I took Ashe later, but I had to get up and take photos of the boys before their first day of school ( a parental units tradition):

I'm biased, but my boys have style!

#1 for first grade!

Having our first free day, Soren and I decided to go bug Grammy and hit a playground. We had lunch, painted together, and then I instituted a quiet time in the hopes of him passing out on the couch. I totally scored when after 20 minutes of him fighting valiantly against his drooping eyes, Soren passed out for an hour.

Xavier arrived home at three and despite my initial worry, said that he had the best day ever. He loves his teachers, thought it was cool to move from class to class, and even made a few new friends. We sat down together to go through all of the first day paperwork. He worked on two questionnaires while I filled out emergency forms. With having only one kid to focus on, I was fortunately able to reread his homework and catch a few things that I felt he needed to change or else be branded as a psychopath by his teachers. One question he answered was who was a literary character he would love to meet and why. he answered Altair from Assassins Creed because he was an assassin. The other was a science question, which asked him what he was looking forward to doing in science. He answered dissecting animals.  (insert eye rolling here....boys)

Ashe came home soon after, also glowing with happiness about school. He made two new friends, loves his teacher, and couldn't wait to go back.

So all in all, the first day of school rocked for everyone. Now I am just crossing my fingers that it continues.