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Friday, July 12, 2013

Too Cheap

With a family of five, sometimes we have to compromise what we want for what we need, or can afford. One of those compromises long ago was purchasing a (ugh) minivan that did not have automatic doors.

I really regret that decision.

It's not that I am lazy. I am, actually, but that's beside the point. My main gripe is something I never even thought to foresee when we chose our current ride of transportation. I never thought about carpooling.

Every weekday I drive the kids to school. It allows us extra time in the morning to chill, while not having to worry about waiting outside for 15+ minutes waiting for a bus that is always late. In the area we live, it's almost like this rule that you have to be a parent, and own a minivan. Every day on the road is it's own minivan convention. And when parents drop off their precious snowflakes at school, 90% of said minivans have automatic doors.

Now, for the most part, I am happy to be one of the remaining 10% that actually has to juggle three kids, bags of groceries, while simultaneously opening the door to the minivan. But what drives me crazy is that EVERY SINGLE MORNING, when I drive up the school doors, the car pool assistants stand there looking at me, while I look at them, in a stalemate, until light finally dawns on their heads that I am one of the 10% with a door they have to open.

It's not their fault. I don't blame them. Each morning we laugh (they in embarrassment, me hiding my annoyance) and I always joke that I am too cheap to have automatic doors. They always laugh.

But you know what? I think it's time to stop this occurring situation that starts a bottleneck of stalled cars, waiting for someone to open my damn minivan doors. I have two choices: I can either purchase a new minivan. Or I can make a sticker for my windows that says "I'm too cheap for automatic doors."

I think it's time to look into café press.

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Becoming Supermommy said...

You were smart not to get the auto doors. We got our minivan second hand (of course) and the ONLY thing wrong with it was that the auto door was broken. The problem is, a broken auto door is SO MUCH WORSE than a regular door. It's nearly impossible to open most of the time- the only thing to do to get it open on cold days is climb from the front seat into the back, and THROW YOUR ENTIRE BODY AGAINST THE DOOR WHILE YANKING IT. Try THAT with two toddlers and an infant screaming by the side of the road on a February morning.