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Monday, September 7, 2009

Conflagration = Family Time

Ahhh, nothing brings a family closer together than the almost destruction of ones household =)

After a lazy quiet day at home, J decided to make some dinner for the fam. The boys and I were hanging out in the living room, Soren in my arms, Ashe and Zavi watching a tv show. We're quietly chilling and listening to J putter in the kitchen all hell broke loose. I heard a yelp from J and noticed an orange glow quickly flash against our hallway wall. Immediately I smell smoke.

I jumped up and rushed into the kitchen, having no idea what was going on. There's J, standing 15 feet away from the stove which is billowing black smoke from the oven, an anxious look on his face. Quickly, he tells me to open up the windows and door and help him clear the smoke (our smoke detector is fantastic for saving lives, but will go off at the smallest whiff of smoke.) Zavi comes running in and I send him right back, asking him to find me a towel. Hastily I open the door, whip open windows and ask J kindly "What the hell did you do???"

It seems J turned on the oven to heat before putting in the burgers, but had forgotten to take out the cookie sheet covered in bacon grease from the bacon he made earlier this morning. So coming back to put the burgers in he noticed a fire in the oven. he decided to open up the oven and put the fire out with water, which cause an enormous billow of flame to jet up and out.

Zavi comes rushing back with a hand towel (no dear we need a BIG towel, can you try again please?) and I scoot him out again. By now the smoke detectors starting to go off. J grabs a baby blanket, while I whisk Soren to the safety of our bedroom. Zavi comes running back with a beige hand towel (never mind hon I'll get one) and starts begging J for details:

How big was the flame Dad? (It was the width of our oven and shot up about 8 feet)
Did you get hurt? (no he jumped back just in time)
Why did you put water on a grease fire? (Damn good question, son)
Did our kitchen get hurt? (Thank goodness no)

So here we all are, J with a baby blanket, me with a towel, and Zavi with a hand towel, trying to clear our home of smoke. Ashe had headsets on and was puttering at the computer. He never noticed the commotion haha.

It was a close family moment =)


Felicia said...

Holy shit! How scary!

Michelle said...

Wow! Glad everyone is okay.
Big Hugs