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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Lovey Shaft

Ugh! I'm big on loveys for my kids and always try to choose potential blankets that my kids will take a shine to that are both durable and cool (in my very humble opinion). Of course you would think by now I would realize that the kids have their own ideas and I should really just stop trying. But nope, it's a lesson I refuse to learn!

With Soren being my last baby I went all out. I got the coolest three blankies and keep giving them to him when he is sad or tired, something to cuddle with. But he has adamantly refused to accept them beyond keeping him warm. I know I know, he's only three months old. There's still time!!! But lately I've been noticing a disturbing trend, one I fear may continue despite my desperate attempts to have him bond with something I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in public with.

The past few weeks I have noticed that the only thing he will clutch to and soothe himself with is his burp cloths. Granted, his burp cloths are actually his receiving blankets I cut up into thirds so they are soft and cuddly. But they're also just strips of cloth!!!! That he has burped on!!!!!!!! (ok ok he doesn't burp on the ones he cuddles. I *do* take those away and give him a clean one). But STILL!!! My point remains! Instead of awesome, soft, cuddly, rocking blankies he is grabbing these shreds of thin blankets and cuddling up to them, rubbing them on his nose and falling asleep with them in a death grip in his tiny, chubby hands.

At first it was cute. To see my infant curled up with a little grin on his face, passed out with his burp cloth. Or when he cried, he would clutch it tight or suck on the ends while I tried to sooth him. But now it's getting to be so much of a pattern that I fear we are doomed to buy receiving blankets until he is 5 years old. And I better make sure they all look the same once he bonds with a certain print or color or I know from experience all hell will break loose if I try to pawn a different one on him in his time of need.

So Im sitting here thinking, do I just let it go or keep trying to sway him to my line of thinking? On the one hand he is only an infant and I feel he should get his comfort from wherever he can. it's not like he really understands the importance of choosing a special lovey right now. Or should I continue shoving what I think is best (for us all) on him, even knowing from past experiences that what I want counts for naught?

*Sigh. I need a glass of wine and my blankie while I consider which path to take....oh wait.... Ashe stole, err is using, my blankie.

Crud. I guess I'll just have 2 glasses of wine instead.

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