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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Trip: Part 2

can I just say this hotel is pretty cool. J picked a place called candlewood Suites which had a suite available for dirt cheap. I expected a Howard Johnson's ordeal like we had in Delaware, where there were no plastic utensils and we ended up using Js credit card to spread the PB&J on our bread (I'm serious, we did... it was an expired one he never used but still. credit cards are great for slicing sandwiches too, we found out.) But this place is not only nice, but ingenious!

Our suite consists of a kitchenette stocked with bowls, glasses, eating utensils and Internet access. We have a decent sized living room with a couch bed, a bedroom, bathroom, and 2 tvs so the kids don't fight over channels.

Outside there are 2 grills, and you can ask the front desk for utensils so you can grill up burgers or steak if you're so inclined. They have a store called the Cupboard and it's done on an honor system. You just walk in, grab what you need, and write your room # down and they tack it on to your bill. And fresh free, GOOD coffee, as much as you can drink. Im telling you this is my kind of hotel!

Yesterday after chilling for a bit we took the boys to the Rainforest cafe, across the street at the mall. I'm documenting this trip as much as possible so got some fantastic pics, which I'll post when I get home. If you've never been to the Rainforest cafe its a kids dream. Ashe at first flipped out when they had a "storm" but I took him around to meet all the animals so he knew it was ok.

After we headed to my moms house, our last visit there as she and her hubby Ron, will be moving soon. We hung out, let the grandparents cuddle all the kids as much as they wanted, then headed out to a steak house for dinner. Again, I got a ton of looks, smiles, complements on Soren in his Moby. I guess Mobys are not well known here. There is definitely a market to be had folks!

The food was divine, and when I ordered a Killians I expected a normal beer bottle. Instead this huge 2 foot glass came out filled to the brim with frothy goodness. unfortunately I promised J it was his night to have a stiff drink so I only consumed about a foot and gave the other foot to him.

Zavi spent the night at the grandparents and J and I took the other two home. It's now Sunday morning and we're getting ready to go pick up Zavi, feed some ducks at the Old Mill then heading out for a cookout with J's entire large family, who hasnt seen Ashe since he was 10 months old if that, and never met Soren. Wish us luck!

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stephanie said...

I am surprised about your comment about the Moby. I love mine (I have 2!), and most Mommies I know have them too. Must be the circles I'm traveling in these days. I definately think it's one of those "new" things that is catching on more and more though.
Glad your trip so far is going well! I'm loving your blog Brittany!