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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Trip: Part 4 Family, Friends, and Duck Sauce

I am exhausted! Trying to cram in all the fun things the boys wanted to see before we left is starting to slowly kill me. I swear if I haven't lost 5 pounds by the time we're home from all the damn walking I'm going to be pissed and go on a tour, screaming to anyone who will listen that exercise is nothing but pure torture for others entertainment to see you in agony and nothing else.
I'm also losing track of the days and have to continuously sit down and count on my fingers to figure out if it's Monday or Thursday. Vacations do that to you. I *think* today is Wed. Wait.... ok yes it is.

Monday we drove up to J's moms house in order for us all to go to the Aquarium. J's mom has 2 Rottweilers, one of which was deemed by the vet to be destroyed because she was so unstable. I asked repeatedly if J ensured that the dogs would be put away when we arrived and he promised me his mom said of course they would! Well we arrive and the dogs are jumping all over the door. She (tiny little woman mind you) tries to drag them away. After 5 minutes of the dogs dragging her around the house she gets them into a side room....with no freaking door! So the whole time we're in her house (fortunately for only 10 minutes) shes standing in front of the dogs to "ensure" they don't get by to the kids. I was on pins and needles the whole time and as far away from them with the baby as I could get. Now, I like Rotties. I have even owned one myself. But I have a hard time feeling comfortable with them when a teeny tiny woman believes she has full authority over them and one is known to be aggressive, along with the fact she says they are jealous of any little child getting affection from her. So the sooner we left there the better. I'm sure J felt the same since the entire time I was glaring daggers at him for not saying something to his mom.

We took the train into Boston and walked...and walked....and WALKED to the Aquarium. By the time we got there Ashe was tired and cranky and wanted to be picked up the whole time. If you even contemplated putting him down he went into full blown tantrum. It made for a very long time. But the place itself is cool and Zavi had a ball. We spent a good 30 minutes at the tide pool exhibit where you can pick up crabs and scallops. We watched hermit crabs attack one another. I found 2 flounder which I believe attests to the fact that I CAN see fine thankyouverymuch despite the flippant comments J likes to throw at me about being blind as a bat.

After a train ride back, we went to Bugaboos Steakhouse where all the taxidermied animals from the Northern Section of North America come to life, including a mechanical Moose head that talks to you while you dine. I wonder if Moose meat is on the menu? That would be kind of weird in a "Restaurant At The End of the Universe" kind of way.

Yesterday we hit the Museum of Science in Boston. The boys had a ball running from exhibit to exhibit and spending an insane amount of time in front of this odd sculpture with balls. I sat there for 20 minutes trying to figure out why they thought it was so cool but the understanding alludes me still.

After 3 hours of more walking we popped in the car to meet my best friends the Carbones and their precious baby at the best place on earth... Kimballs Ice cream!!!! For those of you poor souls who are unfamiliar with Kimballs I can only have deep sympathy for you. Kimballs is the ice cream I grew up on, all local, insanely huge cones, and just oh so yummy!!!!

Soren and Giovanni met each other. Soren showed him his trick of sticking out his tongue. Vanni wasn't impressed. He is too damn cute! I'm in love with the little guy and I'm sad he wont know us as well as id like as he grows up. Roni looked fantastic and Greg was still the lovable Greg I've known for over half my life. We talked about baby things, traded poop stories when Soren decided to let one go. I walked to the car to change him only to have the GROSSEST, BIGGEST explosion in his entire 12 week life. I unwrapped the Moby only to see gobs of yellow poop dripping off his legs. 54 baby wipes later and a new outfit and we walked back to our friends Mobyless. Roni asked if it was bad. I just said I didn't want to talk about it, which erupted gales of laughter. I'm glad they thought it was funny. I guess I would have seen the humor too if it wasn't me who had clean up duty. We enjoyed our ice cream and then as he lost a bet with me, Greg watched over Soren (along with J's help) while Roni and I took Zavi on the bumper boats. Zavi was thrilled he was finally big enough to operate one on his own. Roni and I tag teamed to try and soak him but instead we got soaked while Zavi laughed maniacally. We think weight has to do with who gets the most soaked. Roni and I didn't have a chance with him, but we tried. he's been promised a rematch when he's bigger and he walked away grinning with that promise.

Nursing our wet wounded pride we headed to the Yangtzee River to grab real, honest to goodness, Chinese food and bring it back to the hotel. We all gorged ourselves while talking MMORPG shop (Greg is the reason J and I game) Roni and I tried to get our babies to sleep, and the boys beat the crap out of each other for an hour or two before passing out. The night came to an end way too early, even though it was 10pm. There is never enough time in the day to spend with the Carbones. I already miss them dearly.

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