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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Little Things Keep Us Sane

Yesterday afternoon Soren got up from his nap but wasnt quite ready to face the world again. He's grumpy like his mom when he first wakes up after a nap. So he and I cuddled in my big warm bed and he nodded off and on as he lay on my chest and I just watched him in awe. This precious baby was so big from what he was, and yet so little and fragile. So beautiful. I traced his ears with my finger as he slept, exulting in his beauty. I stroked his fine, almost invisible eyebrows in wonder. My heart filled with love and peace and awe as I watched this little human so utterly trusting as he slept on me, mouth slightly open. Pure perfection.

And I held that vision closely to me last night when he decided he did not want to sleep at all, 2 hours after bedtime, wailing for me nonstop to come grab him so we could play when all I wanted to do was pass out from the exhaustion I feel after trying to keep up with 3 kids all day. Mother Nature knows what she is doing when she makes babies cute.


Andrea (ace1028) said...

What beautiful sentiments. And so true. Mama Nature is wiser than we could all imagine. They have to be cute to get away with all that they do.

Thank you for the thoughtful comment on my blog. You know that regardless of whatever we believe in I wish you and yours a fantastic coming year and appreciate and value your shared thoughts and experiences. Much love to the whole Rhaven family. ;)

in pursuit said...

Best bumper sticker ever: Being a grandparent is reward for not eating your own kids. God surely knew what He was doing when He made them cute. Most days, it's the only thing that keeps them alive;)