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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

Alright I have two things I want to say before I really get into this blog. First and foremost, I apologize for being seemingly lax on updating lately, and that unfortunately may continue for the next few weeks. I have been offered a wonderful new role in my local mommys board and I'm currently in the middle of transitioning myself and learning the ropes. I have been in front of this computer almost nonstop until midnight each night trying to learn and organize. You know it's bad when you dream about account information and advertising for two nights in a row ha! So bear with me my fellow readers, and know I'm not intentionally spacing out. I just have a lot on my plate. Once I'm settled in my new role I should hopefully pick back up again!

Secondly, I feel I should offer fair forewarning to any of my male readers. I dont know how squeamish you guys are about female anatomy in regards to nursing, or subsequent events that happen with 2 yr olds that I am about to relate. So my XY chromosome followers, read at your own risk!

The other night I was talking to one of my best friends who is a new Stay at home dad to his first son who is also the same age as Soren. I cant remember how we got into this topic of conversation but he told me I had to blog about a situation that happened a few months ago when Soren was only a few months old. So for my friend Greg, who couldn't stop guffawing as I related this story to him, I dedicate this post to you.

One of the things about having a newborn is that you're main job initially is to clean their diapers, hold them, and feed them be it by nursing or bottle. I nursed (still do for Soren). And when newborns are hungry you dont have the time or energy to worry about who is watching, You just instinctively nurse. On top of that, when Im at home, I'm fairly blase about the whole thing. My older boys have learned that nursing is natural and nothing to flip out about. It's just a part of the whole baby thing. So in the beginning months I always found myself sitting down next to Ashe while he watched Dora and nursed Soren.

After a month or two, Ashe decided he wanted a baby too. He has a baby doll he named Kora, and whenever I wandered around with Soren in my arms, Ashe would grab "Baby Kora" and wander with me. If I changed Sorens diapers, Ashe would want me to help him change Baby Kora too. If I wrapped Soren in a blanket and started crooning to him, Ashe would find a baby blanket and smother his baby doll (thank goodness you dont have to worry about dolls and oxygen or we would have had issues) and sing too. Monkey see Monkey do. So I should have seen this coming. But I didn't. I was too tired and sleep deprived.

One day I am sitting on the couch and Soren starts to root around looking for food. I positioned him appropriately and he went to town. Next thing I notice, Ashe walks in with Baby Kora dangling by his toy pacifier string. He sits down next to me.
"Yes, Soren is eating."
"BABY KORA HUNGRY TOO. I FEED BABY KORA" and he proceeds to lift his shirt and place baby Kora on to his chest... just like Soren is to me. I must say, Ashe has an instinctively good position! I dont know if I should be proud of him for that or what.

So after a moment it sunk in that he was trying to nurse his doll. Just like me. And I thought OH MY GOD I HAVE BROKEN MY SON! Mouth agape I watched.... and then just burst out laughing. Broken or not the scene was just too surreal and hysterical. Try to imagine a 2 yr old boy trying to latch his baby doll on to his nipple.

After I caught my breath I told him "Sweetie, only Mommys can feed their babys like that. Daddys feed their babys with a bottle. When you grow up you will be a Daddy. Would you like me to get you a bottle so you can feed baby Kora?
"OH.... OK MOMMY."
So we amble into the kitchen while I answer those wonderfully awkward questions (WHY DO DADDYS FEED WITH A BOTTLE AND MOMMYS FEED WITH THEIR CHEST?") and prepare a small bottle just for Ashe and his Baby Kora. I showed him how to feed his doll (Shirt down please, thank you sweetie) and he happily skips off bottle in one hand, Baby Kora dangling by his paci thread again in the other, to find a seat on the couch and feed his baby.

And I'm left to tell J I may have inadvertently warped our middle child. To quote one of my favorite bloggers, Good times.


Jen said...

He is going to love this story some day like at his wedding or at the time of the birth of his child. ;)

The Mrs. said...

Save the doll and when he brings a girl over YEARS from now whip out the doll and say, lovingly, this is the doll baby you used to breastfeed. ah sweet memories.

then sit back and enjoy.

Anne DiNapoli said...

What a cute, funny story! Thanks for sharing!