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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flat Paint

I have found a new addiction over at Moms blogger Club (MBC). While I don't have nearly as much free time as I wish to read all of the fantastic blogs all day long (and I would.. oh yes... I would if I could) what little time I have been able to use to read has been spent chuckling nonstop or nodding my head in agreement. I have found a plethora of funny, sarcastic, humorous moms, who tell it like it is. Just my cup of tea.

Within this site are groups. And within these groups I found one that made me do a double take, grin, and join instantly. Many people know about the memes Wordless. I found a group that did a spin off of that that fit my sarcastic sense of humor Wednesdays perfectly: What the Hell Wednesdays. And this is my first official WTH blog

WTH is up with flat paint? Seriously folks, who thought that flat paint was such an awesome idea? And to paint an entire house with it?

Maybe it's just because I'm a mom, but I see flat paint and shudder. It's impossible to clean. And impossible to keep clean.

As J and I were searching for places to live, we swept through each possibility, not really paying attention to those minute details which come to bite you in the butt later on. Case in point: We noticed the (sigh) white carpeting in this place, but totally forgot to check the paint. And you guessed it. It's flat.

Already, in 3 weeks, I am noticing little fingerprints on my (flat) white walls, despite the fact I am shadowing each kid whit a box of Chlorox wipes in my hands, walking behind them scrubbing like mad.

Already, I have rubbed a scuff mark on our wall a little too much and, umm, wiped the paint off.


It's only been 3 weeks and I've made the ultimate decision that I am in fact, done. Done cleaning, done caring, done worrying. Instead, I am going to start saving money here and there, and when we move out, I'll just hire someone to repaint the entire house before we leave. While costly, I think it should end up being less expensive than the future therapy bills I would run up from losing my mind.

So can someone please tell me, WTH is awesome about flat paint that it's around in the first place? I don't get it.


Katie said...

Um... I plead the fifth?

We just painted yesterday, literally, and it's flat.

At least I think it's flat. It looks flat with the splatters on my floor.

It was cheaper than high gloss, not as shiny and doesn't reflect the light. Meaning the house doesn't get as hot as it would of with a high gloss.

And I've only got 1 kid to smack around if he's touchin' my precious walls.

You on the other hand, should invest in a room that's padded.

For you, not the kids :-) just kidding.

g_unit said...

WTH Wednesdays - hilarious I have a LOT of WTH moments so I'll have to pick and choose wisely/ new to the site - looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

i use flat paint for my airsoft guns