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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pacifier Thief

We have a pacifier thief in the house. I know it's not my family members, so I'm trying to decide if it's some sort of supernatural being like the sock monster in our dryer. And don't tell me the sock monster isn't real. I know it is. How else can you explain the insane amount of lost socks every time I do laundry???? It never fails. One day I'll test my theory by placing 10 socks in the dryer, walking away while keeping close tabs on my family members. And when I come back and there are 7 socks in the dryer, I will have proved my theory and win the Nobel Award for proving the existence of the sock monster.

When I find some free time, of course.

But the pacifier thief. It's pissing me off to no end. One day I can have 10 pacifiers right in sight. And the next day, gone. All gone. And when your youngest sleeps very peacefully so long as he has a pacifier nearby, you will do anything to ensure you have one on hand.

Pacifiers aren't cheap either! Holy cow man, these things cost $4 a pop! That's $40 worth of baby bliss right there, gone missing!

When I find this thief, this supernatural being, I'm going to grab it by its neck and throw it in the dryer and turn it on to high heat. Hopefully the sock monster enjoys the taste of pacifier thiefs as much as it enjoys noshing on socks.

Unless the two team up....


sarah said...

My oldest used to hide hers all over the house. I used to find them in the toy box all the time.

♥ Sarah @ FFP ♥ said...

I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! Sorry for the caps overkill but really, a missing pacifier is a downright emergency around here near bedtime.

She does not need it most of the day unless she gets hurt or is especially needy but she needs it to sleep...which means we ALL need it to sleep, lol.

If you figure out who keeps taking them give me a call, we might have a serial, multi-state case on our hands ;)!

Rhaven said...

One of our friends found one on the sidewalk outside of our house :p. I know the boys aren't taking them, but it's definitely weird knowing you had 10 of them in your face one day and not 1 anywhere, the next. Totally frustrating!!!!