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Friday, July 9, 2010

First Day of School

Ahhh. Today is a momentous day. A day looked forward to for many weeks. A day that begins a new journey for my eldest, and the beginning of a new era for me.

Today is Xaviers first day of 3rd grade.

I admit, I did the happy dance as I bustled all 3 kids into the car, still in my PJs, having downed a cup of coffee as fast as possible before grabbing the keys and making our way. And yes, I did it in front of Zavi. It's ok though. He did his own little happy dance too. He got something unexpected this year, something he wanted so badly but we thought was impossible. He got to stay at his old school despite the fact we moved (slightly) out of district and we were told by many there was no way he was going to be able to stay there for this year. But he did. Without asking them for the possibility, knowing it was futile, WCPSS decided that because his new base YR school was full, if I agreed to transport him to and from school, he would stay at his old school. Not just for this year, but until he goes to middle school.

Long story short, after we moved we were given permission to stay at the current school as there was only 6 more weeks to go until summer vacation started. I started the transfer process for the following year. Our default school for our new district is a traditional calendar but we wanted YR so I had to go through a painful and long application process. But when summer was upon us and we got our letter from the county, they made a decision none of us were expecting. They decided that because our district YR school was full, instead of placing us in traditional (which we expected to happen) they would allow Zavi to stay at his old school. If I wanted him to go to a traditional calendar school (which none of us did) I would have to redo the entire damn application process again.

Oh hell no.

The catch is that I have to provide transportation. While the old school is not far off, it's not easy to strap 3 kids into a van twice a day for at least a 30 minute trip (10 there, 10-20 waiting in line, 10 driving home). That's a lot to ask 2 young kids in carseats. But after weighing everything out we decided it was the best decision. And Zavi had it pounded into his head how much his younger brothers were sacrificing for his happiness.

So now I am a carpooling mom. I hate carpooling. But I'll sacrifice an hour a day for the happiness of my son, knowing he's getting a damn fine education, he loves GOING to school, and really, I couldnt ask for a better deal. I'll just vent about it here when I have a bad carpool day =)

And I also have the house back to semi normal. I love all three of my kids dearly, but I'll be frank. Having 3 kids in the house for weeks on end with no break is hard to deal with and maintain what little sanity I have left.  Already Ashe is happier not fighting for the computer or the one green marker that has not yet dried out as the boys color. Soren is happily smashing the keyboard to the kids computer without an older brother freaking out. And I know Xavier is having the time of his life with a teacher he loves already, with friends in his class, and at some point today, will proudly display the box of shark teeth he bought with his allowance money at the museum to his classmates. He's in 7th heaven.

So am I. I love the first day of school


Erin said...

Great blog ! I have 2 boys right now ages 3 and 1. I hate to wish their baby hood away but I have days where I find myself wishing that one of them was in school so I could have somewhat of a sanity break during the day. Summer vacations are going to take on a whole new meaning as the parent.

Sarah said...

I've got a 4 year old and we do the Happy School Dance together every day she gets to go.
It's a little break for every one.
Have a good school year.

Rhaven said...

You too, Sarah! Erin, I understand that feeling about not wanting to wish their babyhood away but also needing a break. It's one of those Catch 22 deals we parents face. But when the time does come, especially after that initial shock that your baby is now in school wears off, enjoy your happy dance. And enjoy a little respite =) They do come home!