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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What is Going on with Blogspot????

So what is up with blogspot? I know I've been MIA and haven't posted in ages (the kids locked me in the cellar but I hid and filed down a discarded chicken bone I found and was able to pick the locks. OK OK I've been busy and havent had a moment to breathe let alone post) but I come back and my really cool background is gone. Not only is it gone but I cant figure out how the hell to get it back! I hate this template template Im forced to use. I want my old look back!


Anyone have the secret? I'll pay you in Dunkin Donut munchkins =)

I've got a few blogs i need to write down so stay tuned! And if you don't hear back from me..... can you please come unduct tape me?


Tara said...

I used a cute background from "Cutest Blog on the Block." I went a checked a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't showing up either. I went and found it again on the CBotB site and reloaded it onto my template/dashboard thingie on Blogspot and it worked. Just a thought to maybe try that?

Rhaven said...

You rock! I still can't fix the Blog title the way I want it but still thank you!!!!