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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Batman Does Not Wear Underwear

So proclaimed Ashe this afternoon. We were sitting down for lunch preparing to head out to the Super Hero’s event at a local museum. I was not expecting to butt heads with a 4 yr old on wearing underwear underneath his Batman costume when we went out in public.

Ashe’s costume from last year is a bit small now. In fact we had to use a safety pin in the back to ensure his entire, ahhh, backside, was put on public display. But as we went to pin him in, J realized Ashe had forgotten to put on undies. Ashe was told we would not go if he didn’t put on any before we left.

“But Batman doesn’t wear underwear”! he whined.

“Yes he does” we parents replied. “Everyone wears underwear. Even Batman.”

“No, only fake Batmen wear underwear. The real Batman does not. He doesn’t need underwear.”

“We’re not going if you don’t put on underwear.”

“I can’t put on underwear. I am the real Batman!”

And around it went, Ashe stubbornly clinging to this (mental?) image that the real Batman does not wear anything but his costume. This is not the type of conversation I expected to ever have when I signed up to parent. I completely expected taking my kids dressed in crazy outfits out in public (I was willing to pick my battles) . I was ready to hear that my children have taken on the persona of their favorite Hero. What I was not ready to hear though, was that my 4 yr old thought Super Hero’s went around without skivvies and he wanted to do the same.

In the end we came up with a compromise. Ashe, I mean Batman, would wear underwear but they had to be Super Hero undies. It was ok in his mind that they were The Incredibles. And only once while we were out, did I peek those Super Hero undies poking through, covering Batmans bottom.


Jen said...

I just have to ask, when you had kids did you ever think that you would be having these types of conversations?

Yeah, me either.

Rhaven said...

Hey Jen good to see you!

Umm, no. Uh uh. I expected to take my boys to preschool in tutus or some equally crazy attire and not bat an eyelash. But debating over FruitLoops whether or not Batman wears underwear? Nope. I mean come on! It's obviously he wears them.... just... outside of his costume. I just wasn't going to bring that finer point up or else I would have had to have another conversation about how Batman can wear his underwear on the outside, but Ashe can't. And I just don't have the energy for that

Jessica said...

First time commenting and I seriously was crying at this one. Fantastic! Got to love little kids.

Big Fat Gini said...

Hey there! One of my followers suggested I stop in and hook up with you, and I'm glad she did! As a mom of four boys with a weird obsession with Handy Manny, I totally get this! Hysterical!

Rhaven said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jessica! Hey Gini! My good friend (your follower) has read me tidbits of your blog from time to time, and whenever she can catch her breath from laughing to relay it, I've been in stitches. Just followed you!

Good grief you have 4 boys???? I'll tip my glass of wine to you tonight, and chug a cup of coffee in your honor tomorrow morning =)