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Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Whole Twitter Thing

Alright I have given Twitter time to see what I think. There are still things I'm trying to figure out, like some of the lingo, or why people use my name with a bunch of others. I'm hoping it means they like the blog and are telling their friends to check it out, but my eyes glaze over with all of the @ and # symbols.

However, I think it's pretty cool. For one thing, while I am a FB lover, I'm mobile a lot. And if I want to make a status update, I can't do it on my SRM page unless I send an email, which is stupid. But with Twitter I can write it off quickly, and it hits both Twitter and FB as SRM, and not on my personal page. So I love that.

Plus, I can talk to Ian Somerhalder. Ok, not really. The guy has a gazillion followers and no matter what he tweets he is hit with thousands of people screaming "I LOVE YOU IAN AND I WANT YOUR BABIES!!" If I were him, I'd also ignore everyone. But I think he's a great actor, and he has a wicked sense of humor, so when he posts something that makes me chuckle, I do try to reply back in the hopes of letting him know not all of us are crazy stalker peeps.

I'd talk to Joshua Jackson, but the bastard hasn't tweeted since June '11. 

I can keep up with other fellow bloggers much more quickly, and see their witty updates about their own kids much more quickly than I could on another site. There are a couple of you out there that make me chuckle often, and I nod knowing I am not alone in this crazy world of parenting who often thinks of duct tape.

I think the only thing that bothers me is when I see massive amounts of tweets from one or two people, because then I have to scroll waaaaaaaaay up to catch anything anyone else is saying. And I'm not yet following a ton of people. I see there is something called lists, which I have yet to play with, and maybe that will help.

No wait, there is one more thing that annoys me. It's this character limitation crap. Sometimes, I want to say something and if you know ME you know I cant say things in a small way. I need room. And it takes me ten times longer trying to figure out how the hell to shorthand something with symbols and crap than it would if I just had a chance to type.

But overall, it's pretty cool and I'm ok with selling out. I'd love for those of you who are on the fence to join me and we can try to figure this crazy Twitter world out together.  So, come join the dark side. We have cookies.


insomnia said...

I just don't understand Twitter with all its hash tags and retweets and there's so much nonsense there. It's just a status update it seems. I am not a good tweeter at all. I like to follow the celebrities.

Ania said...

While I don't like Facebook, I LOVE Twitter! I enjoy talking to people and I like to find out about contests and deals first :) I learned that people do like to talk :)http://www.frugalburqueno.com/