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Friday, February 24, 2012

Wheee! Whee whee WHEEEE!

Even though we don't have cable, I'm still up on a lot of the amusing things tv does via the internet or through friends. Awhile ago, one of my friends had this ringtone that made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my coffee. When I asked her what the hell that sound was, she showed me this popular geico commercial with the little piggy who wheed all the way home:

The other day I was at a park with the kids. Soren is now old enough to climb up to slides and go down by himself. This day he decided to try the big kid slide, which was one of those tubes, where each child's scream is amplified.

I burst out laughing when the next thing I hear is  "WHEEEEEE! Whee whee WHEEE!" as Soren comes sliding down. Again and again, he raced up the steps and squealed all the way down. I've determined that next time we hit the park, I'm going to try and record him and use that as my new ring tone.


Helene said...

OMG, our kids must share the same brain. Every time I come to your blog, your posts remind me so much of stuff my kids do.

One of my sons is obsessed with this pig and every time the commercial comes on, he has to stop what he's doing to watch it. And then he does the "we, we, weeeeeeee" while he's riding his scooter, going down a slide at the park, jumping on the trampoline....it drives me insane.

Jenny said...

Was it the big one at duke park? My dare devil, Su, didn't want to take that one on, even though jumping down a flight of stairs head its okay.

Goddess984 said...

LOL, so glad I could inspire this post. They actually have a new little piggy commercial where he is on a zipline...to the internet with you to go find it! And you have to send me a soundwave of Soren when you do record this. It will defiantely make Gio smile. We miss you guys!

SRM said...

Helene, lol I know the feeling. I read your blogs and can easily see my kids doing what yours do =)

Jenny, no it wasn't at Duke park. It was at Urban Park in Cary a few days ago. I didn't hear his squealing at Duke, but then again I think he was too pissed off at his soaking wet pants ha!

Goddess, thanks fo ryour inspriation. I can't watch that commercial anymore without thinking of you. I promise I will send you the recording if I can catch it in time. We miss you terribly too, but hopefully we will be up to visit in just a few short months! I'm thinking Scorpion bowls ;)