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Monday, July 16, 2012

Soren's Nothing

Every child had a favorite lovey that they carry around with them, holding it up to show everyone their precious, expecting ooohs and aaahs of adoration for their beloved that they believe is deserved. For most kids it may be a cherished stuffed animal, or a blankie. Soren had a blankie which was his ultimate prized possession, but lately he has changed gears and has a new favorite.

It's his Nothing.

What is a Nothing? Exactly that. But it's his and he carries it around with him wherever we go, showing it off to whoever is nearby.

We'll be sitting on the couch and Ashe will run up to us to show us his newest Lego creation. After we ooh and aah, Soren runs up and yells "Look at my nothing!!!" and proudly shows us his empty hands while grins like a Cheshire cat.

Getting ready to pop in the car each kid always asks to bring one toy. Xavier wants the iPad.Ashe wants a stuffed animal. Soren brings his....nothing.

Knowing toys can't be on the dinner table, Soren starts giggling midway through the meal. When we ask him what's so funny, he bursts out laughing and says his nothing has been on the table this whole time.

The only time its caused issues is when he loses his nothing. Trust me, it's happened. And when that happens, how the hell do you find that which does not exist? Yeah, I don't know either.

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