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Monday, October 1, 2012

Track In

My apologies for the lack of blogging lately. As the kids are in year round school, we just finished up  three weeks of all boys home terrorizing their parental units. Needless to say it was pretty impossible to blog at regular intervals (see the definition of ever) when I had three rambunctious and crazy XY chromosome children running around.

It was a pretty crazy track out. We had an asthma attack that brought Ashe to the hospital for a day. We had Ashe fall into a lake from a paddle boat. We had J leave for a business trip. We had ice cream dinners and a Plants vs. Zombies marathon (Xavier finished the game). We had lawn mower lessons, park picnics, and regular lazy days.

But they are over now. School is back in session until December. And while I now have to chug my morning cup of coffee in order to make carpool, I am enjoying the fact that my kids are off somewhere having knowledge crammed into their tiny pink brains. And the quiet at home. Oh, how I love the quiet.

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