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Friday, June 14, 2013

Saved by the Eldest!

Told to me by my mom:

Soren runs up to G-ma and asks for a back scratch. She complies. A few minutes later:

Soren: Ahhh, that feels good. Now scratch my arms. (She complies).

Soren: Ok, now scratch my legs. (Which she does. As she is scratching his legs, Xavier wanders downstairs).

Soren: That feels sooo good! Now... scratch my penis.
(G-ma has NO clue how to respond to this and stares, flabbergasted, until Xavier, with an annoyed look on his face responds.)

Xavier: Do it yourself!
Soren: Oh.... ok!

G-ma saved from an embarrassing convo!


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SRM said...

Hi Melanie! Thanks for checking out my blog and following =) I'll be right over to check your blog out. Yay, I love new blogs and bloggy friends!!!

Nikki said...

That's hilarious! Ah, the things kids say and do!