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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mama's Boy

J and I have officially declared Soren to be a Mama's Boy. It's gotten to the point where he has seriously bypassed his two siblings and is now the reigning champion! The other two just did not compare to this little tyke. It's both endearing and kind of difficult to deal with. I mean, I am eating up the fact that someone out there loves me so much he just can not think of anyone (or thing ) else during his waking moments! I am flattered beyond all measure that this little guy will stop his basic necessity of survival (i.e. eating) in order to gaze lovingly into my eyes and coo sweet sonnets of love to yours truly.

However it' becoming a feat of ingenuity to just make it to the bathroom on my own without Soren wailing from heart break that I left him for such an extreme amount of time. You know, like 15 seconds. And if I try to hand him over to J just to chug my morning coffee, he sits there in Js arms with liquid puppy eyes focused on me no matter where I am, whimpering with arms held out to me. If I dont answer "THE SUMMONS" in his idea of an appropriate amount of time (30 seconds) he starts to wail. I may have to start recognizing the fact that I may only get cold coffee from now on. I dont even remember what a hot cup really tastes like.

J has even informed me that when Im trying to catch a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep in the morning after J takes over for a little while, every time he and Soren pass by our bedroom door, Soren looks at the door longingly and whimpers. He starts to jump up and down in excitement if J opens our door, and by the time I roll over in sleep induced haze, Sorens arms are open wide, he's trying to launch himself out of Js arms with a giant grin on his face, mouth open and going "GAAAAAAAAAH"! (which translates to MOMMY I MISSED YOU SOOOO MUCH! I WAS DYING OF LONELINESS!!!)

My face is incredibly dry from him giving me nonstop kisses. I love love LOVE kisses! But these kisses take up my entire face and continue when he's in the mood for a good 10 minutes. It's cute. It really is. You cant get any cuter than a 6 month old grinning at you from ear to ear and then launching himself at you, mouth open, to engulf your face and kiss/slobber your nose/eyebrows/cheek/chin/ear, straighten back up to grin at you again, then relaunch himself in for another attack. And if I kiss him back he takes that as command to go full out on slobber kisses. This would be great if it wasnt in the middle of winter with dry cold air. As it is his face, despite a lot of lotion, is chapped like crazy, and mine is starting to get there.

He wont do it for anyone else though. While he loves his daddy, J has a goatee which defends him from kiss attacks. And the boys are fast, skipping back in a micro second the moment they see the gaping baby mouth incoming, giggling as they dance away from potential attacks. So I suffer in amused silence alone, as my chin becomes the toy to gum, my cheeks get raspberried until there is so much slobber he cant get a good raspberry going anymore, or he tires out.

This age goes by so fast. I look at Ashe, my only other Mama's Boy, who has become a turncoat and is now Daddys boy all the way. So I know that one day soon the tides will turn and this will only be a memory. So while I gripe, it's only half hearted. I really do enjoy this age and it makes my heart soar when I can calm Soren with a cuddle and a kiss and know that all he really needs right now, is Mommys love. I'll take the dry skin, and the cold coffee. I know in the long run I will get them back. But I cant get these days back, once they're gone.


Julie said...

Soren sounds like such a sweetheart, at least around mommy! Definitely enjoy the kisses and cuddles while they last. And hopefully soon he'll be able to make it without you long enough for you to enjoy that hot cup of coffee! I got an award for blogs with great attitude and I immediately thought of you. :-) Check it out: http://just-playin-around.blogspot.com/2010/01/lemonade-stand-award.html

Jen said...

One of my sons was like this. Someone forgot to tell him that the umbilical cord had been cut. I am hoping that he grows out of this a little bit or his first date is going to be really awkward.

Julie from Just Playin' Around said you had a great blog and I should check you out. And boy was she right.

Rhaven said...

Aww Julie, thank you!!! That is really cool and very kind of you =D I love reading your blogs too! Jen nice to meet you and thank you for your kind words. Your umbilical cord comment made me chuckle. How true!