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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Never Ending Nights

The kids have colds. And with colds come nights that just never seem to end. With Ashes asthma even the smallest of colds poses the potential for an attack so J and I are always on alert. Since we got ourselves a nebulizer we've stopped having to go to ER and can handle them ourselves from home, but even then it's frustrating.
When Soren gets a bad cold he usually ends up in our room either sleeping in his car seat so he can sleep upright and breathe, or propped up beside us. Of course for one night like this we deal with 4 more where he refuses to sleep back in his crib until he realizes the war is lost. On his end, I assure you.

But when you combine the two together, you have a night of no sleep.

7pm: Soren finally passes out in my arms and I put him to bed.

7:30pm: Ashe has his "air medicine" (albuterol) for his asthma and promptly passes out

9:30pm Xavier fights his bedtime (already 90 minutes later as it is) and finally passes out an hour later after several attempts of snacks, drinks, and "Can I just read one more book???"

11:08-11:30pm: Soren wakes up for his first night feeding

11:31pm: J and I finally settle down to sleep

12am: Ashe wakes up gasping for air and crying for chocolate milk. I rush up ready to give him albuterol and read Harry Potter until the medicine is done.

12:01am: Ashe has a tantrum on the floor outside of Sorens room because he does not want air medicine

12:02am: Soren wakes up screaming. Xavier sleeps blissfully through

12:02am J rushes up to take over Ashe while I go in to calm Soren down by nursing him...again

12:17am: Soren finally passes out. I tiptoe out to hear J reading Harry Potter to Ashe with the loud nebulizer going strong, lights blaring.

12:17am: Xavier blissfully sleeps through everything.

12:25am: J returns to bed and we cuddle up together and try to go to sleep

1:30am: Ashe starts yelling from the top of the stairs "DADDY! HEY DADDY! UMM MOMMY!" I WANT CHOMO MILK!!!"

1:31am: I'm in the kitchen mixing one more cup of chocolate milk for Ashe and letting him know this is it until breakfast time!

1:34 am: everyone is back in bed. Xavier blissfully sleeps through everything

1:35-2:45am: I hear Ashe singing the Star Wars song, Dora the Explorer, and yelling out "MARIO KART WHEEEE!" Xavier blissfully sleeps through it all.

3am: Ashe finally passes out

3:30am: Soren wakes up crying

3:31am: I'm up in Sorens room, checking his diaper and bring us to the rocker to nurse

3:50am: Soren is back in bed and I hobble into our own room to pass out as quickly as I can. Which, despite my pure exhaustion, still takes a long time. I keep listening for when the next issue will happen and can not fall into a deep sleep for awhile, jumping at every noise. I finally pass back out around 4:30am

5:50am: Soren wakes up to nurse. Usually by this time he will be up and at em for the day and I pass the torch to J but he decided to be nice to Daddy and go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

6:05am I go to bed, passing the torch to J and finally pass out blissfully for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

7am: Ashe wakes up for the day but I don't care. I'm finally comatose.

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