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Monday, February 1, 2010

Moving Up In The World

Alright, one more blog for today then I'm done. Yes I know, I tend to blog in spurts. That's just how we roll here folks. Speaking of rolls...

No matter how much I nurse and then feed Soren baby food right before, he insists on "sharing" Js food with him at dinnertime. Tonight he stole J's dinner roll right out from under him. While I don't have a photo of that, I did grab a few snapshots of him stealing J's glass of water. What is missing in these photos, unfortunately, is the instant where Soren literally snagged the glass out of J's hand and tried to drink it on his own. Fortunately J has amazingly fast reflexes (must be something you get when you have 3 kids) and was able to save the glass from dropping, and both he and Soren from being completely soaked.

He noticed I had the camera and stopped for a photo op. Typical Beaulac Boy.

Screw Sippy cups, folks. We're going hard core and straight to crystal glasses at a mere 7 months of age.

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Helene said...

Awww, he's so cute. How could anyone deny that boy juice out of a real glass?!