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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Superhero

"Mommy will you be my Robin?"

I glance over and see Ashe in PJs, topped with his Batman winter hat and Batman gloves. He's peeking out of his hat, pushed way down so he can barely see, and he is watching me, breathlessly awaiting my response.
"Of course. I'll be your Robin."
"Ok you be Robin, I Batman. Who Soren?"
"How about The Joker?" I suggest.
"OK! And Zavi is Penguin, and Daddy is Batmobile."
My thirteen yr old boy mind kicks in and I want to quip does that mean I get to ride Daddy? But I don't. I giggle inwardly instead.

This is a common scenario in our house lately. Ashe loves everything his older brother does (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Transformers) but his love of Batman is his own. It started around his birthday when friends of ours, who have a boy Ashes age and loves Batman, got him a Bat plane for a gift. It's been love ever since. For Christmas, Ashe got the Bat Cave from Santa, filled with figurines of the legendary hero, his sidekick, and of course, what set wouldnt be complete without villains to fight? Ashe and Zavi love to play with it together, not fighting over the figurines, only who gets to move the elevator shaft.

When it started getting cold enough to think about hats, we went shopping and Ashe found his dream hat and matching mittens: Its a Batman hat, complete with Batmans face and bat ears like Batmans mask. So now, even indoors, Ashe insists on wearing it pretty much nonstop. 

Our local Batman taking a break from fighting crime

It's pretty much a guarantee that at some point in the day I will be asked if I am his Robin, or sidekick. And I always say yes. While I don't have to wear a grotesque green bodysuit with red and yellow underwear over (Thank you for small favors), I think to myself this is a good parallel to what it is to be a Mom or Dad:  to be there for your kids, letting them know that you're always by their side ready to help if they need it, but letting them learn and conquer new things on their own as much as possible, while cheering them on. 

Yesterday Ashe replaced his Batman hat with a green snake and was whipping it around the house with a scowl on his face. Concerned he was upset over something (he was really scowling) I asked him what was up.
"Mommy I Indie Jones! This is my Snake Whip!"
"Oh. Ok Indie, just make sure you whip that on the ground and not at people."
"Because you could hurt someone."
"OK. I no hurt someone. Only bad guys."
"Thanks Superhero."

I'm grateful he loves the good guys and isnt trying to emulate the villains like Xavier does. It's nice when the two of them play together. I dont have to break up any arguments over who will be who. Just who wins.

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