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Monday, February 8, 2010

Chocolate, Crafts and 3 Year Olds

I promised my FB friends I'd post a blog about todays adventure in lollipop making so here it is, pictures and all!

Today I did something I never attempted to do before. I decided to try and make chocolate Lollipops for Valentines Day with Ashe. Yeah, I suck in the crafty department. Mainly I fear scalded skin, scissor scrapes, and all the other assorted types of injuries that come with Elmers Glue and glitter. Especially knowing my accident prone 3 yr old. I swear he sneezes and we end up in ER. But today I took a chance in the hopes of doing something that would be equally fun and yummy!

After Sorens morning nap I wheedled, whined, and finally ordered Ashe to get on his shoes because we were headed to AC Moores to grab some stuff and make Valentine lollipops for his preschool. After compromising by allowing him to bring his Indiana Jones snake and "Dadet" (his blankie) to the car, he agreed to tag along and follow the rules (Stay wif Mommy and Fowwow Drections) of shopping. Once there he peacefully followed me around as I searched for molds and chocolate.

One home, I put Soren in his high chair to watch the entertainment, along with some snacks, and Ashe and I got down to work. Thank you Carey, for the ingenious idea of microwaving the chocolate bits instead of the stove! It worked like a charm. We prepped everything, melted the chocolate, and Ashe had a lot of fun putting the sticks in the molds. Then onto the chocolaty goodness part!

Ashe carefully spooning melted chocolate into the mold while I kept reminding myself my cell phone was in my back pocket in case I needed to call 911 for potential burns. Neurotic much? Yup.It wasnt even that hot, but I just dont trust anything with Ashe... or is it the other way around?

After a few attempts at pouring chocolate into the mold some chocolate got onto Ashes fingers. Now I always forget that despite dirty faces, my kids, all of them, are OCD about getting something on their hands. They just flip out until its washed off. I dont know where this comes from and its not for any other body part. So once a dribble of chocolate touched Ashes fingers he decided he was just DONE with spooning. Instead he happily licked a spoon and watched Mommy. 

Don't let his frown fool you. He enjoyed every bit. Trust me. 

Of course Soren didn't want to be left out. He got a spoon too. And a new outfit, shortly after.

While waiting for Mommy to finish up, Ashe went off to do a few more crafts. We went with a Ladybug theme (his favorite bug EVAR... but Cockroaches come in close second) and he made a Ladybug photo frame, a necklace, and colored in a wooden heart which he proudly displayed for the camera every time he saw my pick up my digi cam...

Finally they were cooled off enough to pop out and put in bags, ready for delivery! I have to say they came out great. I didnt have one, but both Ashe and Xavier got one lollipop. While Ashe was too busy to tell me how it was with the entire pop shoved in his mouth, Xavier promised me it was like "Paradise"... his words, not mine. We made enough for Ashes preschool, the boys to give to one another, a few family friends, and Grammy and Grampa. So yay! 

Frog and Ladybug Chocolate Lollipops

Mission accomplished. I tried something new and no one ended up hurt woot! I may get crazy enough to try this more often. Who knows?


Stacey said...

SO CUTE- LOVE THAT KID!!!! What a great idea:)

Rhaven said...

Aww thanks Stacey! There are two extra lollipop bags Ashe will be bringing in, one for you and Dana =)

LabMom said...

Looking good! And nothing is more tasty than a chocolate coated preschooler!