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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Testing, testing...
I have a new addiction. And I'm doing it right now. On my couch. In front of my kids. And its awesome! Wanna know what I'm doing? I'm blogging.... on my new Droid phone!
My old cell phone that I adored for years finally bit the bullet. Despite being fully charged it would turn off on its own, making me miss calls. I was fortunate that they were never emergencies, but I started to panic that the next missed call would be that one time the school called and Xavier was hurt, or my mom was stuck on the side of the road. Add into that I recently was given a fantastic opportunity to help more at a moms site I'm a member of and my duties include keeping members up to date on server downtimes, and other events. While I loved my old phone, posting on the web was a bitch to do.
After doing some research, J mentioned I should check out the Droid. Then I saw a friends new Droid.... and it was love at first site. I was lucky that I got an insanely great deal that didn't break the bank, and now... now I can't leave the damn thing alone for more than 5 minutes! It has made going to the park alone with the kids SO much more enjoyable! I'm not sitting there anymore twiddling my thumbs and wondering how long is long enough to earn good mommy points before I can pack it in and head home. Because I won't lie. While I love the fact my kids are having a ball on the jungle gym, Im bored out of my everloving mind unless I have someone to talk to.
I realized how great this was when we went to Chic-Fil-A the other day. The kids and I ate lunch and headed to the play area. Normally I'd be counting down the time but instead I pulled out my Droid and surfed the net. Next thing I know an hour had passed.... and I was still content.
The other night I had insomnia. Instead of tossing and turning I grabbed my Droid and caught up on fb until I got tired. It was awesome!
The geek in me came out swiftly when I changed my settings to fit my personality. My ringtone is from Monty Python, and my notification sound is Navi the fairy from Zelda yelling at me. Because she bitches at me nonstop I've dubbed my phone Navi. Originally I had Stewie Griffon but too many dirty looks from J made me rethink that.
So if this works, and my blog actually posts right, I may be in trouble. Because as addicted as I am now, it will be ten times worse.
Going to hit send now and see what happens. Forgive my typos, I'm posting from a phone, yelling at my kids, drinking coffee, and IMing with a friend. You know, that multitasking thing we moms do :)


sigh. Unfortunately I could type the whole thing out on my phone, but when it came to sending it I seem to have a bit more learning to do. Ahh well,maybe its a good thing I havent gotten it all quite figured out yet ;)

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