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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well, Young Master

Today, 8 years ago:
  • after dealing with a sick husband the night before,
  •  getting little to no sleep,
  •  having over 9 inches of snow fall down overnight during a blizzard
  • having my water break bright and early at 8am the moment before sick husband went to snow blow our driveway
  • timing contractions until I fellt the "OOF" factor
  • driving 5 minutes down the road to the local hospital, asking J to please slow the fuck down, we'll make it in time
  • getting into the hospital and asking for drugs NOW, only to be told to wait a little while
  • asking for drugs 40 minutes later and being told it was too late, dearie, it's time to push
  • after bitching out my Dr, who was smart enough to stay as far from me as possible, for not giving me the damn drugs I demanded the moment I got to the hospital as I was forced into a natural birth against my wishes
  • after 40 minutes more of pushing
my sweet adorable baby boy, my first, my Xavier, was born into the world at 3:41pm.

Well young Master, to look at that day 8 years ago, every minute detail frozen in my mind I can call it all up in a moment, and to look at you now, it's amazing how much you have changed. And yet I feel like it was not that long ago I held you in my arms as an infant. But you're not anymore. You are now a grown child, racing fast to even your next big life change, hardly looking back. You are amazing with your skills in Legos, how you can sit there for hours, absorbed into your mini block life as you create and build magnificent creations. Not many kids have the tenacity you show in sitting for hours, and hours (and really, hours) building one thing piece by tiny piece.

You are so creative, in your writing, and imaginative play, as you bring to life Star Wars and Indiana Jones together, battling it out in Epic wars that decimate entire galaxies and a few temples to boot. 

You are stubborn, holding on to that hope that if you ask for McDonalds 23 thousand times in one day, maybe one of the times Dad ad I will say ok.

You are smart as hell. I know you say you hate math, but holy hell kid you do better in second grade than your mom. You pick up ideas and concepts faster than they are given to you and you run with them. You are infatuated by weather, space, volcanoes, underwater life, history, mythology. There is nothing you cant learn, child. I dont think you realize this but your curiosity and ability to grasp things fast is one of the best gifts you could ask for in life. Run with it child. Never stop searching to learn more.

You are thoughtful and protective, more so than any other sibling I have ever witnessed. You are the second mother to Soren, constantly making sure your youngest brother is safe, protected, well loved, and isn't eating dead bugs off the ground. And for Ashe, I know he can annoy you to no end, but that is his job and you handle it very well. You are the only child I know at this age who has yet to beat his younger brothers to a bloody pulp. Thank you for your self restraint. Dad and I appreciate that more than you know.  And yet even though you get annoyed, you still share your toys without complaint, and even help your brother when he needs it. You are a fantastic big brother and I think your two younger sibs will realize one day how lucky they are to have you looking out for them and will appreciate that so much.

Xavier you have grown and changed so much over these past 8 years. You have endured more hardships than most kids have to go through and yet you are so resilient. You bounce back and keep pushing to be the best you can be. You have survived ADHD, moves across the country, different schools multiple times, and yet you are happy. You have friends who care about you, family who would move heaven and Earth for you. You are so loved, so appreciated, and we are so grateful to call you son.

Happy Birthday Zavi. We love you

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