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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quotes and Competition

Now back to our regularly scheduled program =)

Ashe has taken to repeating quotes from TV. His two favorite shows specifically, Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora. Every night at dinner we have a tradition asking each person around the table what did you like about today? Last week Ashe preempted this by sitting down to dinner and stating loudly "MY FAVORITE PART WAS....". It took me a moment to realize that this is what they say after every Dora episode. Now he does it every night. I admit, it's cute. Maybe not as cute as when he sneaks up behind me, pokes me in the leg then runs away mimicking "Hahahaha You'll never find it now!!!" or "Aww Man!" But because it fits into the context of our tradition it cracks me up.

However yesterday I couldnt stop giggling over something he said. If you're familiar with the show Yo Gabba Gabba you might even get the deeper meanings as to why it's so damn funny. This show works hard to teach fairness and manners, and is heavy into teaching that it's ok to lose.

So yesterday Im packing all three kids into the car to run to Blockbuster. Xavier and Ashe have started getting competitive (oh who am I kidding they're always competitive!) about who gets in the car first. As their racing to the van, Ashe starts singing a Yo Gabba Gabba song with his own words: The normal song sounds like "My name is Ashe! Ashe! A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a Ashe! Instead he sang:
"I'm going to win! Win! Wi-wi-wi-wi-wi- Win!... " then pointing to Zavi "You're going to lose! Lose! lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo lose!"

Xavier turned around in shock, glanced at me, and we both just broke into laughter. Too funny. Yo Gabba Gabba would probably not approve.

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