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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Things Kids Say

OK real quick plug than back to blogs! As  I mentioned in an earlier blog Carolina Parent has asked me to start blogging for them (yay!!!) Anyways it finally went up 2 days ago, and they gave me a spot on their homepage too, in order to get it out there and promote it. So if you haven't been around to CP yet, please do, and help a Sarcastic Mama blogger out! Their main page(Look to the top right!!) is:

 and you can get directly to my blog from this link: 

Thanks!!! Ok quick blog......

I was just reading one of my favorite bloggers, Helene, and she gave me a rare gift today. Reading her 10 things blog had me laughing so hard I was literally crying, and when I tried to read it to J I just couldn't get past a word or two without breaking into fits of giggles. It was over the part with her kids mispronouncing words.

We have a lot of that here. But lately, I've been noticing quips from Ashe that are innocent in nature, but just crack me up when I'm alone ( or hurriedly run into the bathroom to guffaw out of eye sight). These are a couple that come to mind:

* I was leaving yesterday afternoon for a play date with the kids. As I do every time I leave I called up to J to let him know we were taking off. After a couple of shouted "Babes! Hey Babes!!!" and no answer, Ashe turned to me and said "Mommy, Babes is working. He can't hear you." and promptly walked out the door to the car.

*At dinner I noticed Xaviers face was starting to really mature and I made a comment about how he was growing up. He asked how we could tell and I pointed to Ashes face:
"See how Ashes face is more round than yours?"
"And notice his cheeks are kind of puffy like a chipmunk?"
"Thats a little kid face. All kids have those little chipmunk cheeks. See, even Soren has chipmunk cheeks."
Ashe decides to join in the conversation at this point and yells out "YEAH! GRAMMY HAS THE CHIPMUNK CHEEKS TOO!"
J and I tried really hard to keep our giggles stifled.

*His newest deal, is while we talk at dinner and we become animated and engaged in our discussions, Ashe stands on his chair, throws his arms out wide and yells "NOW WAIT A MINUTE! NO NO no no..... OK OK... just wait a minute..... OK good."

Conversation tends to stop right there as we watch this and then crack up.


Stephanie said...

Congrats on the Carolina Parent gig! Very exciting :) I loved reading your blog post today. Kids really do say the funniest/cutest things!

Helene said...

Congratulations on your new writing gig! That's so exciting!!

I absolutely love reading blog posts about the things that kids say...your kids are hysterical! Don't you just stare at them sometimes in awe at the funny little people they have become?!

Thanks for the shout-out! Glad you liked the post!

Rhaven said...

Thank you very much both of you! Helene I had to do a shout out and I hope that's ok, but seriously, I'm STILL giggling every time I even think about that part of you blog. =D