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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm sitting here as the kids are either at school or napping, getting my work done when it dawns on me. 7 days from now we are MOVING!

....and I look around and we've done nothing to prepare. OK not true. Two weekends ago we did some major dump runs as we cleared out our crawl space. And I've gone through every room decluttering closets. And we have packed 6 crates, hanging out in the living room. But as I glance at my computer desk (heavy with coffee ring stains...shhhh) and wander downstairs, I realize we have a lot more to do and no time to do it in.

We'll get it done. We always do. J and I are pros at moving by now, both of us having moved many times as kids, and as adults we've lived in several apartments and homes. But still, we've only moved once with KIDS and that was our big move from MA to NC, to here, this home we reside in. It's going to be a whole new ballgame with 3 kids to handle while moving. And that's one ball game I'm not excited to try out.

I'm really excited about moving though. The new house has an office on its own floor, not with the bedrooms like now. J can work in semi peace without dealing with hearing screeches and tantrums, loud singing and the normal day to day activities that come with 3 kids and a grumpy precoffee mom. Our living space is much bigger, giving the kids more freedom to build forts, play chase, and create wars between stuffed animals and Transformers, complete with bombs (bouncy balls). And we're getting rid of our TV stations, something I'm actually excited about. (I'm sure a lot of you are thinking WTF!!!) The only person in our house of 5 who watches tv of any kind is Ashe and frankly Id rather he watch less. I'm not fond of paying $85 a month for a 3 yr old to watch the boob tube. J and I have talked it up to the boys, explaining $85 in savings equals the ability to buy a couple of videos a month for them if they desperately need to watch something.

All bedrooms are on the same floor. Which means when the boys wake up terrified from a nightmare or the wind, or needs a bottle, I don't have to tread the stairs carefully on the lookout for toys littered everywhere.

This new house is much needed. When we moved in here we did not have nor plan on Soren joining our crew. It worked great but a family of 5 in this particular house with a husband who works from home, just doesn't cut it anymore.


I'll miss this house and what it has done for us. This house represents the beginning of our dream to move here, something we worked hard to do for 3 years before it became a reality. It represents a time in our life when things took a great turn upward. Xavier started getting a good handle on his ADHD and has really grown into the most amazing kid ever. Ashe has blossomed from a chubby 10 month old to the funniest little 3 yr old around. And Soren. Soren was born in our bedroom 9 months ago, and has brought us so much joy, it can not be described.

This house represents change. Change for the better. As a family we have grown (both literally and figuratively) and changed in this house. We're closer, tighter, than we ever have been. We're happier. We've dealt with lows together, and walked away stronger. We are FAMILY. Not that we weren't before, but it has really solidified here in this house. There is family and then there is FAMILY!  I don't know how to describe that difference, but its there.

In this house we have met many wonderful people, neighbors I'll miss dearly but will still keep in touch with. Friends whom I adore and never would have met if we hadn't moved here. A community of moms and the most amazing support group I never had before we moved, and can not even comprehend not having that in my life anymore. I wonder how I survived without those women I interact with on a daily basis before we moved here? I know my sanity was on the edge of gone before I found it.

And yet our move offers so many exciting things, that while a piece of me will truly miss this place, this spot, this beginning jump for us, I'm excited to try something new. Plans fill my head on how to improve the household. Relief is strong that I don't have to worry about keeping kids quieter than they can BE at certain times of the day. And something new is always fun to look forward to. I like new. I like change. And despite my nostalgic feelings of leaving this house, I look forward to our move.

Well, I look forward to being DONE with the move. Looking forward to the actual moving part would make me certifiably insane in my humble opinion. =)

Sigh. I guess I should stop typing and start thinking about packing. Do you think the boys will mind if I pack their toys first?


Dan Frey said...

If you guys are thinking about going the antenna route for TV, let me know - I have loads of experience with that. Next time you're at our house, look up at the absurdly gigantic antenna on our roof!

Rhaven said...

HAHA Thanks Dan! I will keep that in mind, although since we're renting a townhome I'll have to go over the rules before I look you up =D. I think the only show I "kind of" watch is House, but its so rare I get a chance to do that I'd rather pay for the seasons on DVD than to pay so much a month on the small chance I get to. And I've already promised the kids a season of Spongebob. Hopefully that will be enough for awhile

Dan Frey said...

If you really need to scratch that itch, the indoor TV antennas work really well and are not even butt-ugly. It's a win-win.

Brian Humphrey said...

Where are you moving to?

Rhaven said...

The next town over, only 15 minutes away

GoodTimesDad said...

Good luck. I hate moving, but if we could afford a bigger, nicer house, I'd move tomorrow! Good times.