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Saturday, April 17, 2010


I feel like a train hit me, backed up, then hit me again for good measure. I hate moving. However... we're almost done!!!

/blare trumpets and uncork that wine!

To put it in plain text, moving sucks. Moving with children SUCKS MORE!!!! Moving with 3 children and one car that died on us so we only have the minivan to haul stuff, and one house where our air conditioning still hasn't been fixed (since Easter mind you) and it was 90 degrees outside SUCKS THE MOST!!!!

Phew, that felt good to write!

But we survived. No one was seriously maimed in the move, although true to form, Ashe did have one side of the bunk bed fall on him. After a little cry he shook it off and was cool. It had to happen, that's just how we roll here. J can barely walk now, after doing the majority of the hauling, while I did the unpacking and ensuring our precious offspring did not eat, grab, break anything they weren't supposed to.  Xavier lucked out the most, being in school the majority of the time we did our moving. In fact he came home from school yesterday as our moving men were hauling the big stuff and lamented "I wish we were done moving already." J and I just glared at him, quietly seething. He has no idea how lucky he was. Humph.

As for the moving men. I am now in love with moving men. No, seriously. They rocked. We only had them move our really big stuff like dressers and beds, but as I sat down in our new dining room and watched them heft our ginormous dresser (drawers packed to the gills and overflowing) I was in absolute awe. And I realized that no matter how expensive it may be, and how many Ramen noodle dinners we may be forced to eat, THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY WORTH EVERY PENNY! I shuddered in sympathy as I watched them hauling our stuff up 3 flights of stairs. Seriously, I would never want to piss off a moving man. Ever.

We still have a couple more loads to do, random things, like shower curtains (took a shower last night sans curtain... while it was desperately needed I realized how wonderful curtains truly are in keeping water IN the tub) step stools for the kids.... my phone charger (which, despite constant reminders we kept forgetting to bring.)

And Im starting to get to know the house, make friends with the appliances. I'm still gun shy with our new stove. I'm really hopeful we can come to an agreement and have a respectful partnership together, unlike my last stove, the bastard. However the washer and dryer and I are now bestest friends ever. For the first time ever I was able to dry my quilt in one setting. I have never been able to do that before. Oh yes, I heart my dryer. And I also realize how pathetically domesticated I am now. Of course, a mom needs a damn good washer and dryer with 3 messy kids.

I'm still trying to figure out where the hell to put everything in the kitchen. While we have a pantry (which rocks) All bottom cupboards have these roll out shelves. They LOOK great, but I still have no idea what to put in them? I've got one for my spices, and one specifically designated for the kids paint and craft stuff. But what else? And where the hell do I put our medicine? We used to put it up above our sink. Now there really isnt a great place to put it where its easily reachable and the kids cant get to it. I have to use my noggin once it's recovered from the stress of the move to figure it out.

Another great things is that we found a ton of our decorations we haven't seen since we moved down. It's so nice to actually have space to put things up. My Grecian bust is now in my kitchen where I can see it staring down at us (oooh that gives me a good idea. I should use the Grecian bust as a way to keep the kids in line.."Ashe behave. I may not be watching you but the bust is!!!") Love it. I'll have to make them scared to death of the bust.

It's very different here. It will take some getting used to before I can call it home. It seems nice, and the train isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Actually it's kind of comforting to hear it at night, a mellow horn slicing through the night. And the boys are ecstatic they can see it pass from our deck. Every time they hear the horn blow they stop whatever it is they are doing (Ashe tried hopping out of the bathroom with his shorts around his ankles, so excited to see the train he forgot to pull them up... sigh). It's not our old home, but it will be home in time. Once I set things up to my liking and buy a real vacuum.

Im tired as hell, muscles I never knew I had (since our last move at least) are screaming in agony, J looks like he got beaten the way he wobbles around, and the kids are overtired from such long days. But I'm happy.

I'll post pictures once we get things more settled.


Sherri said...

Glad you are all moved and starting to get settled in. I will say that my son would be in absolute heaven if we lived near a train.

Can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

For Meds you can get one of those plastic flatish baskets like you use for drawer organizing and put the meds in that then put it on the top shelf of one of your kitchen cupboards or the cabinet above the fridge (if you have one). That makes them easy to grab and bring down all at once without digging thru bottles, knocking some over, them rolling beyond reach, etc. It works well for me, at least!