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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Liebster Blog Awards

Irish from Dedicated to Life was kind enough to pass on to me the Leibster award. Thank you so much, Irish! If you haven't been to her blog, you should definitely check it out!

In accepting the award, the recipient:
  • 1. Thanks the grantor and links back to their blog.
  • 2. Identifies and publishes 5 new winners.
  • 3. Notifies winner’s via a comment on their blogs, and
  • 4. Posts the Liebster on their blog (while doing the Grateful Happy Dance)

So here are my five choices for the Liebster Award (in no order and you should definitely go check them out!)

Buried With Children
I've been following Jen's blog for awhile and I always get a gigantic grin on my face when I see she has a new blog up. This woman GETS IT! She is smart, sassy, funny as hell, and she can write an amazing blog about anything. Buried With Children is one of my all time favorite blogs, and Jen just rocks.

Becoming SuperMommy
I recently stumbled across this blog and after reading one post, I was hooked. Becoming SuperMommy is a great read, with a lot of humor. Go check it out!

The Big Fat Gini Blog
My good friend Sabra, who is also one of my biggest fans (love you!) told me that I had to check out her other friends blog. So I did. And I haven't stopped laughing. The Big Fat Gini Blog is completely real, with no sprinkles or glitter to shiny it up. Gini is as sarcastic as they come and I love her for it.

I'm Living Proof That God Has A Sense of Humor
I've been following Helene for along time, and I adore her blogs. Her kids and my kids could be clones of one another. She's another amazing mom who has a great sense of humor and I always look forward to a new post. I usually make sure I'm not drinking anything when I read though. I've been known to choke on coffee when I start laughing ather kids antics

The Pursuit of Normal
This is another new blog I've added to my list recently. A friend of mine hooked us up on Facebook when I started promoting my blog. When I went to check it out I knew I found another blog goldmine. Vicky has got a fantastic sense of humor and nothing, I mean NOTHING, is sacred. She recently wrote this blog about mice in her pantry and I almost died laughing. I giggled over it for days after. Fine, I'm still giggling about it.

Look, do yourself a favor and go check these fine femme bloggers out. Tell them I sent you and you demand to be entertained! You won't be disappointed, I promise ;)



EmmaK said...

Thanks so much for alerting me to these blogs. The Big Fat Gini blog is an absolute riot and she really cracked me up!

Helene said...

Congratulations on the award!!! And thank you for including me on your list!

Our kids are like total clones of one another, aren't they? I always love reading your posts because I can always identify with you!!!

Jen said...

You... have made my day, no month.

Thank you.

And a big 'ole congrats to you.

I love your blog too, I don't comment much but I promise you, I am reading. :)

SRM said...

Emma, I'm glad you found some new blogs to follow! I hope you enjoy these ladies as much as I do!

Helene and Jen: Thank YOU! I seriously love your blogs, so do a fan a favor and keep up the good work. You guys rock

Cheryl said...

Yay!!!! Congrats!
I will definitely be checking some of these out.