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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Terrible Day

Today is that kind of day where I seriously question my sanity when I decided it was a good idea to have kids. If I had a time machine and could warp back to 11 years ago before I got pregnant I would consider going back to smack myself upside the head. I wouldn’t though, but I’d give it serious thought today.

I feel like Alexander and want to move to Australia.

I woke up this morning to the boys already at each others throats. Noticing the dark circles under J’s eyes and the fact he was downing tea like China was about to submerge underwater for all eternity, I guessed that they had been like this since they woke up.

Getting the kids into the car took more time and energy than normal, due to the constant bickering, forgetting things, and not sitting still so I could put shoes on their feet. I *almost* gave up and tossed them in the car barefoot, but it was only 30 degrees out. I didn’t feel like dealing with any nasty stares from the carpool people.

I asked them each to pick one thing to bring in the car for carpool: Xavier brought the Nook, Soren brought the I Pad, and Ashe brought his dragon puppet, Shakespeare.  Everyone seemed content. And then the fighting started. Ashe decided five minutes in that HE wanted the I Pad, and instead of asking Soren, he tried to rip it outof his hands. Being the youngest boy of three, Sorens MO for defense is to scream loud enough to shatter glass, and lash out with any appendage he can.

And it all went downhill from there.

I’ve been trying really really hard, to not lose my temper.I’m loud when I yell (due to projecting my voice through 9 years of theater)and It’s not pretty. But this was a day where yelling was inevitable. And while I hate the fact that I yelled (frequently today) there is a voice in the back of my mind right now that smugly quips that the little bastards deserved it this time.
When they tried bashing each other over their heads with electronics, I took all electronics away for an hour. Which made them both sit in the middle of the living room floor and sob for 45 minutes. When I told them to find something to play with, they wailed louder. When I threatened them with taking away all toys since they obviously did not like them, they wailed their way to the blocks and continued wailing while they built massive structures and knocked them down.

Once the hour was up, they happily sat on the couch to play a game together. It took them 3 minutes before they were fighting again. It continued all frikking day until I put Soren down for a nap and escaped down to my desktop to blow off steam. And then blogger broke.  So I have to write this in Word and hopefully publish it another day.

Some days, there just isn’t enough duct tape or alcohol inthe world to make the day turn around.


Heather M said...

It's funny, as a kid I remember these days, it's the stuff of some of my 'fond' childhood memories. As a Mom of an 8m old, I am hoping I'll be able to handle it!! Glad no children were harmed during this post ;) ;)

LilyLove said...

I tried for FOUR years and ferility treatments to have my daughter and there are days when I wonder what the hell I was thinking!!!

And stories like yours make me glad she is an only child!! I couldn't imagine my frustrations multiplied by three! (I saw it on my own Mom...I knew my limits!)

Love your posts!!!

SRM said...

Lol, Nope no children were harmed. Just my head after I bashed it on the wall multiple times :)

SRM said...

Lily your comment made me chuckle. If you ever start thinking about wanting another child just let me know. I may be persuaded to sell you 1 of mine.:)

Diplo_Daddy said...

Ah, the beauty of child rearing.