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Friday, March 9, 2012

Myrtle Beach 2012: Day 1

I’m sitting in my bed, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with a full moon hovering above. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of this scene.

Today we left for our mini vacation, just to get away and recharge. Of course, it’s my family and we could never have a vacation without a few bumps in the road.

J and I decided to try and take off for Myrtle Beach around 10:30 in the morning. That gives me enough time to sleep in a touch, pack for a family of five, and head out. Once I woke up and showered, I started flinging clothes out of closets, desperately seeking the boys swim trunks. After finding them and setting aside clothing for two days for five people, I jammed them and our toiletries, plus gadgets, toys, snacks to feed a hungry elephant, and other odd assortments into five bags. One of these days I have GOT to invest in a wheeling suitcase.

We tucked the boys into the car, gave them each a vacation gift (a tradition in our household to keep them quiet for long car rides). Ashe got the puppet Baby Van Goat, Soren a new angry bird (hence now known as Awwww), and Xavier the Minecraft mining pick.

 We jumped, in, turned the car on when I shouted “WAIT! I forgot to pack Dads swimsuit!” Car off, J runs in and jumps back in the car with trunks in hand. We take off. J drives around the neighborhood then turns back. He forgot to lock the door. He locks said door and we’re off!

About ten minutes on the highways I smack my head against the window. I forgot my swim suit. We turn around.

Finally, only a half hour off course, we’re ready, we have swim suits, we have locked doors, and we’re on the road.

The boys did fantastic in the car. We only listened to “Are we there yet?”  for about 2 of the four hours, which is indeed, a record.

Arriving at our hotel, we enter our beautiful penthouse suite, with two bedrooms, a living room and kitchenette, not to mention two private balconies overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We ooh and ahh while the kids run around and I start shadowing Sorens every move since we’re on the fourteenth floor and I keep having visions of him jumping off the balcony.

view from one of our balconies

We had time to kill before dinner, and even though it was cool and sprinkling out, we decided to hit the beach anyways and walk around. Of course with boys, walking and beach means total wet chaos. Within five minutes all the boys and myself were soaked running away from rolling waves in 50 degree water. We found a huge dead jellyfish washed up on shore. I think I was the most fascinated and took lots of photos.
Dead Jelly Fish!

 I’ve been tweeting a bunch of photos throughout the day of our trip, but when we get home I’ll upload and blog them for our mutual entertainment.  Ashe was desperate to be swept out to sea, or so it seemed, as he kept trying to go in deeper when he thought we weren’t looking. I may have to tie a leash on him tomorrow morning.

Nearing dinner time we went upstairs to change. The hotel has a dryer out in the hallway and I wanted to dry the boy’s shoes there, but J was uncomfortable with the idea. He said it was too loud for our neighbors and we didn’t want to piss them off right on the start, we had plenty of time for that. So the boys and I headed out to Medieval Times in soaking wet shoes.

Medieval Times was right up our alley. Before dinner we browsed the souvenirs. Ashe bought a wooden battle axe and cleaved the floor multiple times. Poor floor didn’t stand a chance. Xavier bought a flashing sword that would give anyone seizures. I told him he can’t turn it on. Soren bought a dragon statue and roared at everyone who came near him. I am SO glad most people thought they were cute and not on drugs.

The show itself was decent. Aside from the King who sounded like a taxi driver from New York, the actors did well, the fights were fun, and my boys walked away deciding THIS was their future career. Except for Soren, who was bored unless he was waving his flag in everyone’s faces and had to take bathroom trips four times.

Towards the end of the show, Ashes neck started hurting. It hurt him a few nights ago but went away in the morning. I think it’s a strained muscle. We stopped at Walgreen's on the way home for Tylenol, milk and pacifiers (because we forgot those too). Unfortunately, the kids were over tired and wired and Ashe went into a bawling fit. It took us an hour to calm him down and get him to sleep. Yes, we used drugs to help.

It’s 10pm, the boys are passed out and finally J and I have time to sit, relax, enjoy the most beautiful site nature could present us with (aside from comatose children). Happy vacation to us! I can’t wait for tomorrow. Now excuse me while I go enjoy the quiet and finally listen to the waves rush in under a full moon.

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