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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Epic Adventure Inc!

A few weeks ago J and I were feeling antsy. We get this way once in awhile, where we feel that we need to break up routine and just go somewhere different to change up the pace. We have a bunch of trips planned this year, but they're either weddings or a trip back home to Massachusetts, and we needed a trip NOW.

Since Xavier is in year round school (have I told you how much I adore year round school?) he will have essentially the entire month of March off. And we decided to book a weekend trip away with the boys. We scoured the area around us to find something both fun and open in early spring. There weren't many places.

We could go to the Biltmore, but we did that a few years ago.

We thought about hitting Atlanta up for the new Legoland Discovery Center. That would have been a great choice, but it opens up in late March and will be crazy packed. Not something we want to put ourselves through on opening week.

After days of searching, J hit upon an idea that makes both of us giggle. Because for most families it might seem completely cheesy but for our family of gamers and lovers of all things epic fantasy adventure.... it was perfect. So tomorrow we're heading to Myrtle Beach to hit

Linky here!

Oh yeah, baby! Quests, magic, dragons, and adventure! What more could a geeky family ask for? The place is a huge maze of adventure, and each person is given a wand to battle ogres, trolls, dragons, and race through dungeons and castles.

On top of that we added extra geek factor and booked a dinner at Medeival Times, where we can eat like kings of old and watch jousting, sword fighting, etc. My inner geek is drooling at the thought. J and I have wanted to go here even BC but now we have three small geeks to join us.

We also snagged a penthouse suite overlooking the ocean while we visit, and if the weather stays clear we can roam the beach.

When we told the boys they freaked out. Soren is already practicing his wand attacks, Ashe is determined to bring his Link hat, and Xavier is hoping they have swords instead of wands so he can do true battle. I may have to watch him more than the other two. All in all, the fam is psyched.

I'm sure I'll have plenty of blog fodder from this adventure, and if I have the energy, I'll try to blog while we're away. Wish us luck on the 4+ hour drive!


Anonymous said...

Safe trip :-D and have lots of fun!!! I'm sure you will it look exciting.

SRM said...

Thanks, Chelsea! I finished cleaning the house in preperation and now I have to pack. can't wait!

Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

HOW FUN!!!! I am excited for you all. I can totally see my kids and I doing this and I had no idea that something existed like this. I put it on my future vacations list for the family. I can't wait to hear feedback when you all return. Looking forward to it.