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Monday, March 5, 2012

You Know You're A Parent If....

  • You keep extra underoos in your vehicles cup holder without batting an eye
  •  You throw laundry in the washer and a pair of googly eyes fall in
  •  You giggle when you hear the word European
  •   You keep a stock of Boogies Wipes within hands reach and you DON’T giggle at the name
  •  You think a Nutella sandwich, juice box, and a banana is a perfectly acceptable lunch    
  • You are willing to fix a Burger King crown in the middle of the night, just to stop the crying so you can haul ass back to bed
  •  Your car CD player has They Might Be Giants ABC on repeat and not Guns N Roses
  •  You actually wonder if Toy Story 3 might be too scary
  •  Your idea of heaven is to sleep the whole night through, in your own bed, and wake up naturally
  •  Your bed has turned into a trampoline
  • You put serious thought into creating a sign to wear that says “I AM NOT A FREAKING JUNGLE GYM”
  •  Lego’s are your nemesis and it is your burning ambition to destroy each colorful block you come across
  •  Instead of that new car smell, your vehicle smells like old milk, no matter how much you clean it
  •  The thought of wiping shit off someone elses ass doesn’t make you start gagging
  •  You start looking at duct tape in a new light
  •  You have more plastic cups than glass cups. In fact, you may not even remember the last time you had a bowl that doesn’t have a suction cup on the bottom
  •  You kick ass at candy land
  • All board games you own, no matter how new, are missing at least 5 pieces
  •  Your vacation destination is to meet a giant mouse instead of that beach on Tahiti
  •  You know what Monster Spray is and how to use it    
  • You think Mr. Clean and his magic erasers are the best invention since sliced bread.
  •  You have stock in Johnson & Johnson company. Or you should considering how many products of theirs you use on a daily basis
  •  Your BS detection skills have soared, and you can spot a BSer within twenty paces
  • You hit scan on your car radio and claim to have magical powers , turning the stations without touching the dial
  •  You’ve thought about putting googly eyes on the back of your head to scare little people into thinking you really DO have eyes there
  • Silence is NOT a good sign!
  •  You have stock in coffee and alcohol   
  • You have had wine out of a sippy cup and thought nothing of it   
  • Despite the fact you don’t own a single item of clothing without stains, you’re tired all the time, and your house will always look like a tornado went through no matter how often you try to keep it clean, you wouldn’t have it any other way
Add your own!


Becoming Supermommy said...

Toy Story 3 IS too scary!
For them... not for me. :)

Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

Hahaha....Love it and could relate to SO MANY! = )

On a side note, Apparently I fail in the following directions category. I came home today and laughed after I came to BLOGGER realizing I typed away yesterday writing a blog on the ole LIEBSTER Award and shared your wonderful blog in it. Like a silly me, I forgot to go back and tell the people I gave the awards too...LOL So with that said, the Liebster goes to you cuz you write awesomely. = )



SRM said...

Supermommy, I heard a lot of moms thought it was scary and I had to watch. But for our kids, I found it ok, and they love it =)

Irish, thanks so much for the award! I'll post a blog now and link up =)