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Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby & the IPad

Soren has a baby. It's a mini stuffed Yoshi that he's been carrying around for months and coddling like an infant. Baby goes almost everywhere nowadays. Soren hit that phase where he wants to be a Daddy and care for a baby. So Yoshi gets changed, bottle fed, diapers, and carried around in Sorens shirt (or pants if we're not paying attention) like a baby carrier.

But Baby also seems to take the fall for Sorens, ahhh, misadventures. It seems anything that goes wrong is Baby's fault.

Me: Who spilt the milk?
Soren: Baby

Me: Who didn't flush the toilet?
Soren: Baby

Me: Whose underwear is lying in the middle of the living room???
Soren: Baby's.

One morning, Ashe and Soren (along with baby) went upstairs to play. I took advantage of the quiet and started catching up on blogging. Five minutes later, Soren came down with a sad look on his face.
Me: Hey buddy, what's up?
Soren (sigh) Ashe, Ipad, baby, no.
Me: Ashe won't let baby play the Ipad?
Soren: Yeah
Me: Well dude, Baby doesn't have fingers so it might be pretty hard to play the Ipad. Do you think maybe *you* want to play the Ipad?
Soren: No, baby.
Me: Ahh. well, baby is too little to play with it and he has no fingers. Sorry bud.

Soren wanders off grumbling about the lack of rights to baby stuffed animals and how oppressive it is in this regime.


Jen said...


My son Jake always had some kind of 'baby' with him. It changes weekly but there is much the same thing going on.

Jake's 'baby' is to blame for all the trouble.

SRM said...

I feel bad for all of the baby scapegoatS lol