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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Patchy Ashe

Two months ago, we returned to Ashe's eye doctor, to see how his eye sight was progressing with glasses. Originally, he had 20/150 eyesight. His glasses are at 20/80. Testing two months later, Ashe is seeing at 20/50 which is awesome. The doctor thins we caught this issue early and decided to get a little more aggressive to see if we could get his eyesight even better. So along with glasses, Ashe has now been wearing an eye patch over his good eye. he has to wear it for two hours a day, and he has to do something close up, like video games or color. It was an easy sell for the boy. How many kids are told they HAVE to play their DS for two hours a day, doctors orders????

The only catch is that the eye patches look funky. I goggled all over looking for cool looking eye patches to no avail. I was hoping for something piratey. I mean, if you're going to wear an eye patch at least have fun with it, right? But no, the only ones around look like giant bandaids. Ashe is ok with them, but I have been warring with myself for months about coloring them all in with a black sharpie, making the Jolly Roger on each patch.

We could make some serious money, people! We should start making pirate patch eye patches! This is a gold mine we're sitting on!


Jenny said...

Can't you just put a piratey patch over the bandaid looking one?

If you have an idea for a patch I can make one. I've got skillz.

SRM said...

Thanks for your offer Jenny! I think we're good right now he's almost done with them

A Gal said...

These are pretty nifty and pirate-y:


But, it sounds like you won't have the chance to use 'em :)