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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Not Dead Yet

Hello my friends! I hope the past few weeks have been kind to you and yours. May you have had wonderful, coffee filled days, and relaxing alcohol filled evenings.

It's been a crazy few weeks here in SRMville. I've been on more airplanes in the past month than I have in five years, traveling to weddings and family vacations. But I'm home now, the kids are packed off to my moms for a few days and I am finally able to sit my ass down and catch up on blogging.

Since my last blog things have changed a bit, which, unfortunately, impacts my blogging time. For one thing, Soren no longer naps. And it's virtually impossible for me to sneak down and blog during the day as I used to. I've tried blogging a few times on my laptop but each time I've gotten half a blog done, somehow I get bumped by the kids racing around conquering the couch in their name, and I lose it. I realized that it was not conducive to my (or the kids) health to try and blog while they are vertical. However I hope that now with things calming down, and 2/3 of the kids heading to school in a couple weeks, I may find a time that works.

So what's been going on? Oh hell, where do I begin? We had two weddings to attend. I think I know only two more people who have not hitched the ball and chain, one of which is going to do so in October, the other being my brother who, I foresee, won't be taking such a huge leap for many years coming.

The entire family took their first trip on a plane together and we survived. Not only did we survive, but we kicked ass. The three kids did such an amazing job, and we weren't forced off the plane. For the record, gummy bears ROCK for getting rid of the preassure in kids ears when you are on a plane.

We headed to native land, a la Massachusetts, for a week of family and friend gatherings, and hitting our favorite haunts.

Xavier graduated fourth grade with flying colors. I mean, the boy kicked ass. We got his EOG (end of grade) test results back and he tested way beyond grade placement. He got the fifth grade teacher his special ed teacher wanted him to have, and he's excited to start school in a few weeks.

 Soren is about to turn three this week, which just floors me. It doesn't feel like it was three years ago on Father's Day that I was breaking J's bones as I squeezed his hands yelling "HAPPY FUCKING FATHER'S DAY SWEETIE!" We'll be having an Angry Bird birthday party this weekend with friends and family. I'll post photos next week. Since I last posted, the boys vocabulary has gone through the roof. We're done with two word sentences. We're now into full on paragraphs, and pronouncing words some adults have a hard time getting out of their mouths, And yet, he still has a hard time with some of the more simple words.

I missed all of you and the blogging world! It feels good to be back! 

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Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

Glad you are back. Life gets hectic....thats for sure. Wishing you well.