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Friday, July 20, 2012


Something is in the air and it has affected my kids. I'd blame school for its rampant sharing of bugs, viruses, etc, but school was out when this situation started occurring. Maybe it was an airborne illness they caught at the park. Maybe it's some foreign, out of state cold they picked up on their trip to MA. Whatever it is, it's contagious, and all three of my children have been affected by it.

They caught what I call the Cuddlebugs.

My kids have never shied away from hugs or kisses when I ask them for one. But lately they have become aggressive in their cuddlings. Whereas before I would sit on the couch next to them and they would be happy with that, now they must climb all over me, trying to get as close as possible. I've caught myself saying repeatedly that They can't get any closer unless they crawled back inside my tummy. And they giggle, and then try to squeeze even closer.

I could get it if it were only Soren. But while he is the worst of the bunch, I even find myself trying to breathe as I'm smothered by Ashe. And while Xavier doesn't try to balance himself on my lap, I can't walk by without him yelling out that he loves me, or he crashes into me from behind for a sneak attack hug.

I almost want to ask them if they know something I don't. Am I dying? Am I sick? Did they have a vision which takes me away from them? What the hell is going on? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good cuddle, but I almost feel their eyes watching me as I try to sneak into the bathroom for a quick break for freedom. And the moment I return, my lap is smushed far down into the couch as the kids press down on me from all sides.

I surprised I was able to get this blog written down while the boys surround me. Forgive my typos, it's hard to double check my work when I type with only one finger while the rest of my body is muffled by little boys.

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