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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Time Out For Toys

On Monday last week, I had a situation that both scared the shit out of me and hurt like hell. I had the whole day planned out. I was going to drop the kids off at the bus stp, come home and ride my exercise bike, shower and dress, then head out with Soren to a friends house. After, we would stop somewhere cool for lunch, then hit Target to grab a few items we needed at home.

Instead, after I dropped the kids off at the bus stop I started feeling nauseous. Next thing I knew I was bent over the sink, throwing up so hard that my muscles went into convulsions, which cause a massive burst of pain to hit from my base of my neck all the way to my forehead. The pain was so god awful I literally fell to the floor and couldn't get up for a good five minutes.

I tried calling out for J, who was already in his office downstairs with the door shut, but I couldn't call out loud enough. If Ashe or Xavier were home, they would have known to run for Dad instantly. Alas, it was only Soren with me.

While I sat on the carpet, trying to will the pain away enough for me to crawl downstairs for help, Soren came over and patted my shoulder, asked me if I was ok, and when I couldn't answer, he looked around the room with a frown on his face. The next thing I knew he stomped off, grabbed his toys one by one and said "BAD TOYS! YOU HURT MOMMY! TIME OUT FOR YOU!!!"

He proceeded to put two train tracks, three stuffed animals and a mini angry bird figure on the step landing (where we have our time outs) all lined up and looking contrite. Well the stuffed animals did. The angry bird looked a little pissed.

And while this isn't exactly the correct thing to do in an emergency situation, and I know that we'll be learning what to do if mommy gets hurt and no one is around this week, it did help me enough that I could mentally chuckle, which them gave me the strength to hobble downstairs for help. So that you Soren, for that touch of comedy.

It looks like I'm alright. We think I just pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle. I stayed home that day and rested, and J popped up often in case he needed to rush me to ER if it happened again. Fortunately it didn't. I'm ok, just a touch sore now. And irritated since I have to push back all those things I wanted to get done for another day.

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Stacey said...

oh no- glad you are feeling better! What a sweetie Soren is!!