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Friday, June 21, 2013

Four years of Soren

To my dearest Soren,
I can not believe that, as of today, it has been four years since you have entered our world. As a mom, time both flies and stands still simultaneously. I see you standing before me, shaking your tiny little butt, doing the butt dance to Gangam style, and at the same time I can instantly pull up the memory of you being placed in my arms for the first time.

You are such an amazing person! You have this gigantic personality that blows people away, fit into your tiny little body. You make me laugh so hard on a daily basis. Yes, I also do yell at you on an almost daily basis too. But sweetie, you have got to stop calling your brothers stupid when they won't allow you to play with their DS. One day you will have a DS of your own. In the meantime, play with the Ipad, and dance your heart out!

I have watched you grow from a curious baby to a curious child. May your curiosity on how the world works continue to grow with you as you age. Along side your curiosity, never lose your awesome sense of imaginative play. Trust me, you are the scariest cutest Zombie when you run around the house with a cone on your head yelling "BRAIIINS"! You have perfected your Mario voice, but please, don't think that I am naïve enough to buy your story that it was Mario who said "what the fuck" and not you. I may be old, but I am not yet deaf of hearing.

You have hit your milestone of ridding yourself of that dreaded car seat, and have moved up into the world of the big boy booster seat. I am so happy to see you jump for joy when I mention an errand I need to run. I know in time you will get bored of the newness, but I understand this is a symbol to you of growing up. Just remember what I taught you: don't ever take your seatbelt off by yourself unless I tell you it's ok.

You are learning so many things and changing so fast from that tiny little boy to a big boy. I know I still have a couple more years of you running up for cuddles and kisses, but I also know the time is drawing close to where that will not be the norm. I'll miss those days when the time comes, so for now, don't mind if I squeeze you a little tighter, or hold you a little bit longer. I'm just trying to get my fill in before the ticking of the clock chimes the end of days gone by.

You and I have one more year together before you join your brothers at school. Don't be too upset in a few weeks when they head back and you're stuck with me. I promise that, like Ashe, by midyear you will be wishing you were back home. So instead of looking far into the future, lets you and I make the most of our last year together. We'll sit down and figure out all of the places we like to go to and get them all in. Parks, museums, jump houses... you name it. And maybe I can get you to agree with coming along for a hike or two. Sound fun?

My sweet sweet Soren. Happiest of birthdays to you. I hope that four is just as much fun as three, and that you live life to the fullest. While you continue to grow and change this coming year, we'll be right behind you cheering you on. Especially if you do more of those shaking butt dances. I just love those.
With all my heart,

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