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Sunday, August 30, 2009


*cough cough* is this thing on? It is? Ok good. First and foremost I'd like to take a moment to express my excitement for such a wonderful turn of events today:


On this day, August 30, 2009, Ashe went poop in the potty for the very first time! I know isnt that exciting???

Ok ok I know, most people could really care less and I get that. At the same time, when you become a parent to children, and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, the beginning of the end of diaper changes, the knowledge before you that soon you will not have to wipe clinging crap from a 2 yr olds butt, it is one of the most single exciting times in your life. It means a growing Independence for your child, the visible milestone that your child is growing up, less money to hand over for size 6 Pampers Cruisers. Gawd those things are expensive!!!! What more could you ask for from a toddler?

So as you know we started out this week with underwear only. For the first few days Ashe had accident after accident with peeing, but no poops yet. I was vaguely beginning to get concerned on if he was holding it in and making himself constipated. over time he began to recognize the urge to go and let us know he needed help before he wet himself. By yesterday he would try going potty before we went out, and he stayed dry the entire day. I even went out and spent $36 on a new toilet seat cover which has the regular size but on top a toddler version. now I can get rid of that stupid portable potty ring that just collects dust.

So this morning, after pancakes and imaginary (for the kids at least) coffee all around, Ashe said MOMMY POTTY PLEASE. I graciously helped him out of his jeans and he went racing to pee. We all applauded as he bowed. About an hour later, still pant less both J an I noticed him walking a little funny and muttering something about poop. J and I looked at each other and I raced out of the office, skidded to a halt right before I came into Ashes vision and casually sauntered over to him with a smile on my face.

Ashe honey do you need to poop?
Ok, lets go to the potty and sit. I'll read to you while you poop. Sound fun?

We walked (or waddled in his case) to the bathroom. I grabbed a Baby Einstein book on the way and we made ourselves as comfortable as possible in our teeny tiny bathroom. He sat happily while I read his book 4 times. But he didn't poop. He got up, wandered around, came back to sit, and ordered me to read again. So I did, ignoring the numbness of my foot going to sleep, cramped as I was. Still nothing. I sighed, he sighed, we decided we would try again later and I went to report to J.

10 minutes later Ashe wandered upstairs muttering about poop again, so J decided to try. They hung out in the upstairs bathroom for awhile with no results. Ashe got bored and ran off to play, J walked back into the office with a sigh of resignation.

As we both settled back into our routine I heard Ashe yelp I GO POOP IN POTTY I GO POOP IN POTTY NOW!!!! We stared, eyes wide as he booked it to the potty, clambered on like a monkey, eyes bulging.

Soren had been nursing on me happily. With a screech of protest I popped him off, handed him to J and ran to the bathroom to cheer lead. There he was, in all his naked glory, finally getting the connection. He did it! Ashe was so proud, J came running in with Soren, and all of us started dancing for joy! yes, it was a major cause for celebration. Poop is a big thing!

I'm quite aware we still have a long hill to climb. We're going to have accidents and it may take months for it to become second nature for Ashe, but the biggest hurdle, of feeling confident and knowing where to go when it's time, has been passed. We celebrated with Skittles and Nerd Candy, the way it should be celebrated.

Sugar high anyone? ;=)

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Felicia said...

Dude, I'm such a sap. Your story totally made me tear up. It's probably to fantastic writing :) What an exciting accomplishment!