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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've Coined a New Term

Momdar. It's my word of the day...week...month..next 18 years. /sigh Maybe moms around the world already use this word, but as I have never heard it spoken I'm calling dibs on claiming it!

From Brittanys dictionary:

  • Main Entry: momdar
  • Pronunciation: \ˈmämdär, ˈməmdär\
  • Function: noun

1. The ability to know exactly when your mom is about to relax for a moment, thus using it to your advantage to get her attention for whatever it is you need/want/demand.

2. The ability to know exactly when your mom is busy taking care of one of your siblings, and to use your knowledge to need/want something RIGHT NOW!

I swear this is the first moment I have been able to sit down without instantly hearing MOMMY I NEED CHOMATE MILK/I NEED TO GO POTTY/I WANT (Dora, Baby, Baby Turtle, Yo Gabba Gabba, Lil Einsteins) ON (tv/'puter) or the cries of wanting to be picked up and cuddled by the littler one. (Haha Murphys Law. The moment I wrote the previous sentence down it started up again. I have tried writing this blog about 7 times today but the moment I get a few words down either Soren fusses or Ashe begins to break something.)Anytime I take a breath and think crisis overted (high five yeah!) it starts right back up.

The worst is when I sit down to feed a wailing hungry baby, just get settled in and Ashe needs soemthing. Despite the fact I asked him 2 minutes prior if he needed anything (NO MOMMY). I just get us comfy when all hell will break loose. Today we had a stubbed toe, a broken DVD, the need for more refreshements (3x) and 3 potty accidents. All when poor Soren was just trying to get his groove on with his booby snack. No wonder I have over supply issues. The go and stop of nursing must be sending messages to my brain to make more, MORE MILK DAMNIT! I wish I could smack my brain into realizing the truth of the scenario, that I have a 2 yr old with attention issues.

I cant wait until after dinner time. I think I'm going to pawn the boys off on J, take a drive to get myself a fix of Jr. Mints and "accidentally" leave my cell phone at home. You know, just in case Ashe gets his hands on the phone and tries to call me wanting more chomate milk. Just for a few minutes of uninterrupted peace and quiet.

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CandCFamily said...

Love it! Perfect definition!