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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Glasses for 1

Both J and I are blind as a bat. We need either contacts or glasses to see clearly on a daily basis. So we knew the chances that 1 or all 3 of our children would need glasses at some point in their life was inevitable. What we did not expect was that 1 of our children would need them now

Ashe has always been clumsy. He falls down so often that we call his accidents Asheidents. It's a common term in our household. However we always assumed that he had gained his clumsiness from his father, who also has a bad sense of balance.

When I ask him to find things Ashe always has a hard time. He could be looking right at the object in question and still not see it. However I also have a tendency to do this. Even with my contacts I tend to not be able to see things  right under my nose.  J constantly mocks me for this. So I always put Ashes inability to see things as part of my genetic traits.
He has had both of these issues ever since I can remember. It was such a common thing that I never gave it much notice. But then Ashe had his 5 year check up to get ready for kindergarten and we realized that there was an issue when Ashe failed his vision test.

His left eye seemed to see clearly But his right eye failed miserably. The pediatricians office used 1 of those giant posters that has lots of different shapes and numbers on it. The top picture was of a giant ship. Standing 30 feet away Ashe could not tell me what it was. Despite multiple tries he could not figure it out. Our pediatrician referred us immediately to a pediatric eye specialist. I made the call that day and within 3 days we were at the office.

Since this with Ashes first time at the eye doctors he had to have is eyes dilated. Getting your eyes dilated as an adult sucks. Having to watch your 5 year old get his eyes dilated for the first time sucks times 10. I was disgusted as I watched a pediatric eye doctor walk out of the office wringing his hands because he could not handle Ashe when he started to panic. J and I have come to realize  that everyone our pediatrician referrs us to pretty much sucks. I should've known better after dealing with the pill pushing psychiatrist we recently saw for xavier's ADHD. Fortunately the assistants were  fantastic and helped as I held on to Ashe while they placed drops in his eyes.   After we finished with the eye drops we had 30 minutes to wait for them to kick in. Ashe and I decided to go to the craft store next door look around and grab some snacks.

After the examination was complete we realized how bad Ashes eye really was. Perfect eyesight is 20/20. Ash is right eye was 20/150. His right eye is worse than my eyes and J's eyes. Glasses were a must. Fortunately Ashe thinks that glasses rocks since his dad wears them and insisted on finding a pair just like J's. In fact as we searched the racks for the perfect pair of glasses Ashe decided on a pair that was the same color as his dads. The only difference is that Ashes glasses are sponge bob square pants. Unfortunately they did not make sponge bob square pants glasses for adults.

So in a week or 2 Ashe will start wearing glasses everyday. He was pretty miffed that he couldn't walk out of the eye doctor store with his brand new glasses. He's been bouncing around in excited anticipation ever since. While I feel bad that 1 of my children has to wear glasses at such an early age I have to say I'm both proud and happy that he is so excited for this. And maybe I'm being biased since I am his mom but damn did he look cute in them. He reminded me of a human Theodore chipmunk. I'll post photos of him once the glasses come in. Knowing how much of a ham he is I'm sure he'll love posing for that.

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