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Thursday, June 28, 2012

End Of The World SRM Style

Sell your worldly possessions, make peace with your life, and start looking for flying pigs. I bought two sundresses. If you know me, you also know that I'm not joking. Aside from purchasing dresses for weddings, I NEVER wear them. I think the last casual dress I owned was purchased around the time I was 13 and that was my moms doing. But it was a (gulp) necessity.

 Here in NC, we've received word that for the next few days we are under a severe heat warning. Temperatures are expected to reach 105 with a real feel of 112. What this translates to in SRM definitions is that it's going to be fucking hot. There is warm, hot, hella hot, and fucking hot. I've dealt with fucking hot once or twice for a day in the dead of summer down here. But when it isn't even July and we have three days in a row of fucking hot, a girls's gotta do something drastic. And that's where the dresses come in.

It wasn't a planned decision. I woke up this morning to the dreaded news and thought about my current summer wardrobe. I've got three pairs of capris, and one pair of shorts, with an assortment of tank tops. Thinking about anything covering my legs in this heat made me cringe. Instead I threw on my bathing suit cover, a black sundressy thing, but not made for outdoors. I figured no biggie, I'd be stuck indoors anyways and no one would see me aside from the boys. They can't complain about my lack of fashion sense, seeing as they insist on living in their PJ's as much as possible. But then I got a call from the pediatrician telling me to come pick up medication for Xavier. not even thinking, I took off in my skimpy covering. It wasn't until I stepped out of the car that I realized two things: it felt really good in this heat to have a light dress on, and I better make sure I don't bend down in public with what I was currently wearing.

After grabbing the prescriptions, instead of driving home I decided to stop by Target across the street to see what they had in regards to sundresses, seeing that Ashe and Soren were on great behavior and I wanted to take advantage of this rare occasion. While I perused the options, feeling like a hillbilly in my  bathing suit covering, the boys raced each other through dress racks, screeching in delight when they jumped out and scared the crap out of each other. Quickly, before Target security could crash down on us, or before I flashed someone, I grabbed a few options and raced to the dressing room. While the boys fought over who got to hold the special number ticket, I popped on dress after dress. I found two I could live with: not too flowery, not too bright, no stripes. Seriously, what the hell is up with horizontal striped sundresses? I thought those made you look fatter.

So here I am, a few hours later, the owner of not one, but two sundresses. And yes, I'm actually wearing one. Right now, as I type this blogging admission.  I feel half naked, but damn is it comfortable! And I can wear them out in public too. So folks, I admit that I, SRM, am wearing a feminine little sundress. Not too feminine. Not too cute. But a sundress nonetheless. Mark this day on your calendar because it's a date to remember.
P.S. Don't you dare expect pictures of me in a dress. It's not happening. I feel ashamed that I admitted it in the first place.


Crystal Renee said...

I am in NC as well.. right AT the beaches. I am going to pass out.. LITERALLY! I bet they are cute dresses. :)

The Vintage Boomer said...

Cute! I enjoyed your post. Keep cool!

SRM said...

Mmmmm, beach. We've been living at the lake lately. It may be time to become full time residents this weekend. As for the dresses, they're cute.... But not too cute! I have a reputation to uphold ;)
Vintage thanks and we'll certainly try!