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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cool Lost

I lost my Mom cool the other night. I admit it. But I'll also say in my defense, it's very hard not to lose you're cool when you're trying to talk to a naked ten year old boy who is unnaturally freaking out....while naked. Did I mention he was naked? Just checking.

After a long day of three kids in the house, surreptitiously trying to kill one another, J and I had finally sat down having conquered bed time. We were sitting on the couch, sipping wine and reading our kindle and Nook, relaxing for the first time all day.

After ten minutes of relaxation, the house decided that we had had enough. For no reason at all, the smoke detector beeped. Now those damn things have either had their batteries recently replaced or were ripped off the ceiling if you remember our last debacle regarding night time detector issues. So this shouldn't have happened!!! One loud BIP, just to piss us off. Both J and I tensed, waiting for Ashe to come running down the stairs sobbing. He never did make an appearance. Instead, it was Xavier, butt naked with his boxers in hands, sobbing.

"Its ok, it was just the smoke detector malfunctioning. See, it's all done."
"Zavi, it's ok. There is nothing to be frightened of. The smoke detector just made a little bip. And ummm, why are you naked?"
" Can you, maybe, put your boxers on? Please?
" Dude, put your clothes on. Go to bed. You're not going to die."

And yet he continued to freak out, while I continued to hold in my frustration that was growing because I couldn't get it through to him that everything was fine, it was a fluke and WOULD YOU PUT YOUR DAMN UNDERWEAR ON FOR THE LOVE OF BOB???

I actually had to step out on the deck before I lost it entirely. I let J take over before I did something stupid, like start yelling and making things worse. One of my biggest failures as a parent is having no patience after repeating myself more than three times. And when Xavier is off meds and is freaking out, I know there is nothing he can do about his anxiety. But holy hell man, I can't help if he can't calm down enough to let me. It's a vicious cycle I can't get out of during these moments.

Fortunately J is super patient man and can do things I think only super heros are able to do. Which is calm Xavier down enough to put his pants on. And get him back to bed without the use of duct tape.

On one hand I feel bad that I lost my cool. On the other hand, I wonder how the hell this kid is going to survive as an adult if he continues to have these issues of anxiety. Am I going to have phone calls in the middle of the night from a naked grown up child screaming "OH MY GOD A FIRE TRUCK WENT BY! IS MY HOUSE ON FIRE? AM I GOING TO DIE???" Because I seriously can't think of how he is going to cope, all on his own, when things go bump (or Bip) in the night.

And no, he is not staying here as an adult.


Allison Barrett said...

I,too, have no patience as a mom. It sucks because I want to but it's just not there. Thankfully my hubby is the patient one. My 13 year old has anxiety but doesn't have ADHD. Two days ago I took him to the doctor to get some warts removed off his knee (that he wanted removed mind you). Before the doctor even touched him he was climbing the wall freaking out. I've never seen a 13 year old freak out so bad over a wart removal. That night I needed a couple glasses of wine to calm my nerves...geez. LOL



SRM said...

Thanks for letting me know kthat I'm not the only one who loses my cool.
Man, I realized how many typos are in this blog. My apologies for that. I've been blogging more often on the iPad and it likes to changes some of my words when I'm not looking

JMS said...

Good for you for stepping outside! I've lost my cool with my little one twice in the last two days. I have no patience and have been sick which makes me have negative patience. Then the guilt sets in b/c he's only ... not even 2!